Why is baby alpaca wool so expensive?

Baby alpacas

While not the most expensive material in the world – the crown for the most luxurious goes to vicuña wool, which is actually more expensive than gold due to its fineness and rarity – baby alpaca wool is certainly up there.

Here at So Cosy, we understand just how important spending your hard-earned cash well is, especially when buying the investment pieces that will take pride of place in your home. In this blog post, we share why, despite its expense, a baby alpaca wool piece is worth every penny…

It’s the ultimate ‘first press’

When comparing baby alpaca wool and alpaca wool, the defining difference is when it is sourced.

Contrary to popular belief, baby alpaca wool isn’t derived from infant alpacas. It is instead sourced during their very first shearing meaning the resulting fleece is at its softest and finest. The easiest way to think of this is in a similar way to the first pressing of olive oil. This tiny window of opportunity makes it more exclusive than other wool types.

Where it is sourced from also matters why describing why the quality of baby alpaca wool is a cut above the rest as LoveCrafts details:

“Unlike the name suggests, baby alpaca wool is less about the age of the alpaca and more about where the baby alpaca wool comes from. The baby alpaca fibre comes from the underside of the neck. This is where you’ll find the softest, finest fleece with a cashmere-like feel. It is likely that it comes from younger alpacas, but not necessarily babies!”

It’s superior in every way

Baby alpaca wool isn’t just exquisitely soft. This wool is prized for its extraordinary fineness, while its lightweight nature is also lauded as a key characteristic of its success. Its light, soft to the touch, hollow fibres don’t mean compromised comfort however. Baby alpaca wool offers superior insulation, providing a warmth and breathability that really sets it apart.

The benefits of owning and using a baby alpaca wool piece continue, with its hypoallergenic nature, durability and all-season suitability making it an accessory everyone can rely on for years to come.

It’s sustainable and ethical

An investment in one of our baby alpaca wool blankets or cushions is an investment in all things sustainable and ethical. We take great care to ensure our creations are crafted to be kind to you, kind to the planet and kind to the wonderful creatures this premium, natural fibre is sourced from.

The alpaca farms we collaborate with adhere to the highest standards of sustainable and ethical farming practices, which means proper care for the animals and fair wages for the workers. While beneficial to the environment and local communities, these practices also add to the overall cost of the wool.

It’s limited and labour intensive

The process of shearing, sorting, cleaning and processing alpaca wool isn’t quick or easy. It is in fact extremely labour-intensive and requires skilled people to take the lead every step of the way to ensure the beauty of baby alpaca wool can be brought to your home in the most wonderful way. Only the finest fibres are selected for our baby alpaca wool home accessories, which adds to the production costs.

It is also important to state that the number of alpacas on the planet really does pale into insignificance when compared to the number of sheep. There are around 200,000 registered alpacas across 19 different countries according to the Alpaca Owners Association. While the number of sheep is estimated to be well over 1 billion. This means that the fibres alpacas produce are more limited than other wool fleeces, and baby alpaca wool fleeces are rarer still.

Discover the beauty and luxury of baby alpaca wool for yourself by shopping with us today.