Our So Cosy company is a world of cosiness

Why Buy From Us . . . .

So Cosy sets itself apart with their stylish and unique designs of natural fibre homewares and accessories. Beautiful, practical items, ethically produced, made to use, to wear and to enrich our daily lives. Husband and wife team Vilija and Rimsky are textile designers and creators of So Cosy – A beautiful wholesome world of cosiness. Where their designs of throws, scarves, rugs and more, are carefully considered with prominence on comfort, function, tradition and playfulness. Where responsible-sourcing of sustainable organic fibre, expert craftsmanship and timeless design make up the very threads woven into So Cosy’s fabric.

Already established as the go-too brand for exceptional quality blankets, So Cosy precisely selects the very best in natural, organic and renewable fibre. Fibres such as Merino and Gotland wools, and precious Mongolian cashmere, Peruvian alpaca fibre, silk and organic cotton. As a conscious business they pay a fair price for their wools so to continually safeguard high animal welfare standards, the environment and traditional livelihoods.
It is So Cosy’s sourcing of indigenous wools and their knowledge of fibre characteristics that enable them to create their incredible cosy wares. Native animals such as the Peruvian alpaca, have over thousands of years made true evolutionary adaptations, developing super-power fleeces. Alpaca fleece is strong, durable, silky and light. It thermo-regulates and provides UV protection. Within their textiles So Cosy harnesses these marvels of engineering, and respects the naturalness of the raw fibre, so beneficial to health and well-being.
So Cosy love to work with softest first-clip yarns and the neutral shades of un-dyed wool. When working with colour, natural plant-based dyes are used. They work creating cosy wool blends, innovative mixes like wool with linen and heavenly pairings such as silk with baby alpaca wool. They then elevate these noble natural fibres into stunning, fit for purpose winter blankets, summer throws, breathable bedspreads, all year round throws, cushions, and luxuriant wraps and scarves.
When it comes to art of weaving So Cosy combines the best in the traditions of their craft with the best in modern technologies. They ensure sustainable manufacturing practices and work with some of the oldest and most revered mills in the world to produce original items such as their oversized throws and waxed cotton outdoor blankets, not available anywhere else. So Cosy does not work to the pace of unsustainable fashion seasons, or over produce. Instead they make ethical choices and work to the seasons of nature.

Wool is not the only natural fibre So Cosy is obsessed with. They work hard to bring you other premium quality items for everyday use, crafted from all variety of sustainable organic fibres. Their colourful collection of braided jute baskets, rugs and placemats for example, serve purpose, are joyful and fit elegantly into the space they belong.

When it comes to their customers, So Cosy offers honest advice on which items would best suit their needs, on care and washing instructions and because they use only natural fibres, they can assure them that all So Cosy products will last for many years to come.

Caring for our planet is necessary now more than ever. Choosing items that are well made from eco-friendly materials is one way we can all help. This also has the benefit of improving our own connection with nature by surrounding ourselves with natural products, lovely to see, to feel and to use everyday. So Cosy hopes to inspire more people to live a greener life and to buy less, choose well and make it last.