Why choose alpaca wool?

Why choose alpaca wool?

Sourced with care and respect, and made with just as much love, alpaca wool is a fantastic natural fibre that should (in our opinion) be the first choice every time. Once reserved for royalty, alpaca wool is now accessible to everyone and love for alpaca wool is growing as a result.

On the whole, alpaca wool is pretty awesome. It’s one of the highest grade fibres on the planet so the natural choice for our blankets, throws, cushions and home accessories. There’s more to its super soft texture than meets the eye, however. Read on to discover just some of the reasons why you should choose alpaca wool.

It’s kind to your skin

People with sensitive skin or allergies need look no further than alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic meaning everyone can get cosy in a super soft knit or blanket without the risk of irritation. Those allergic to sheep wool should look to alpaca wool as a safe alternative. Here Laughing Hens explains why:

“Sheep’s wool has a naturally occurring oil called lanolin, which some unlucky people have an allergy to. While most yarns are treated to remove most of the lanolin, those with allergies have a super sensitivity to the oil. Alpacas, however, do not produce any lanolin! The fibres have unique construction and a natural waterproofing that means they don’t need to produce the oil at all.”

Alpaca wool is super breathable too, which is perfect for people suffering from allergies or asthma.

It’s sumptuously soft

You’ll see why alpaca wool was strictly reserved for royalty once you touch it. This all-natural fibre is a triple threat – soft, silky and smooth – which may come as a surprise considering alpacas have to endure the harshest of climates when living in their native Andes.

Alpaca wool is strong yet fine, light yet warm and thin yet durable. In fact, alpaca fleeces are super in pretty much every way.

It’s perfect for indoors and out

The super soft and sumptuous nature of alpaca wool makes it the perfect candidate for boosting your winter wardrobe and embracing hygge in the home. Unbeknown to most, however, alpaca wool products are the ideal companions for those outdoor adventures.

Alpaca fibres have hollow structures. Alpaca fleeces are excellent insulators as a result, with alpaca wool products helping you to stay cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. Come rain or shine, you can feel the superior comfort of alpaca wool. It’s naturally windproof too, meaning you can stay warm wherever your adventure takes you.

Three Alpacas

It’s easy to take care of

With alpaca wool, maintenance is simple. Fibres are smooth, unlike sheep wool products which are susceptible to pilling.

Alpaca wool is naturally dirt repellent, durable, and able to maintain its look and feel without much intervention for years to come. If you do need to wash your alpaca fleece, you may already have the ‘specialist’ product needed to take care of it. Normal hair shampoo is all that’s required to give your alpaca product a good wash!

It’s great for the planet

Alpaca wool is as sustainable as it gets. Our responsibly sourced fibres are ethical, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Fibres are sourced from these stunning animals with care and respect, with herds enjoying freedom in their natural habitat courtesy of the farms that we partner with.

It’s simply beautiful

Need we say more! The Peruvian alpaca wool used to craft So Cosy products is of the highest quality. With a look that’s exceptionally beautiful, a texture that’s super soft to the touch and a range of natural colours to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.