Why So Cosy chooses only baby alpaca wool to make its scarves & shawls

Why So Cosy chooses only baby alpaca wool to make its scarves & shawls

At the House of So Cosy, we’re passionate about bringing the best sustainable nature to our customers. Our luxury range of organic wool products, such as our gorgeous orange shawl, aren’t just super stylish and soft, they’re responsibly sourced, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free all at the same time. With autumn well underway, most people are turning their thoughts to wrapping up warm for the cooler months ahead.

Our collection of wool scarves and shawls make excellent additions to your autumn and winter wardrobe. But these aren’t just any scarves and shawls! We use only baby alpaca wool to create our stunningly sumptuous designs, and here’s why…

Group of Alpacas

An introduction to baby alpaca wool

Contrary to popular belief, baby alpaca wool isn’t wool that’s been sheared from a baby alpaca. This type of alpaca fibre comes from the first shearing and is rarer and more valuable as a result. Just like the first pressing of olive oil, wool from the first shearing is considered the best of the best.

If you can believe it, Peruvian baby alpaca wool is even softer than alpaca wool, which is one of the many reasons why we use this luxurious fleece to carefully craft our collection of scarves and shawls. The softer the fleece, the more easily it can be manipulated and dyed, meaning a more naturally vivid end-product – and this is what gives items such as our luxuriously soft wool wrap shawl their special magic.

Other benefits of baby alpaca wool

Baby alpaca wool has all the benefits of alpaca wool, as well as the extra bonuses mentioned above. It’s lightweight yet strong, making it a hard-wearing fabric that’s able to stand the test of time, regardless of its use.

The hollow structure of baby alpaca wool fibre unlocks excellent insulating qualities too, with wearers able to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

With this in mind, you can make a statement in your baby alpaca wool scarf or shawl all year round, not just during the cooler months. Despite it super softness, alpaca wool is waterproof, so you can accessorise with your scarf or shawl, whatever the weather.

Baby alpaca wool is great for your health too. eKnitting Stitches explains more about its hypoallergenic qualities:

“Unlike, sheep’s wool, Alpaca fibre contains no lanolin. Lanolin is the natural grease that sheep produce to keep their fleece waterproof. Which, unfortunately, can, to some people give an allergic reaction. This lack of lanolin, therefore, makes the alpaca fibre safe to wear for those of us with skin allergies.”

Alpaca cuddle

Accessorising with baby alpaca wool

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or treating yourself, accessorising with a baby alpaca wool scarf or shawl is a must. Stay bang on trend with one of our soft and luxurious designs, and enjoy the soothing and comforting effect of baby alpaca wool. We have styles and colours for people with all tastes, from the bright and vibrant shades to more understated, timeless hues.

Wrap up just in time for winter by shopping our collection of baby alpaca wool scarves and shawls here.