All the reasons why we LOVE linen


It’s no secret that we adore wool and love jute in equal measure, but there are more natural fibres that have to be celebrated by those looking to furnish their homes with style, substance and sustainability in mind…

Linen is a wonder fibre that we’re proud to stock here at So Cosy, and for good reason. Read on to discover the many incredible benefits of rocking a linen bedspread, throw or cushion at home or on the go.

It’s moisture resistant

The cellulose-based fibres that the linen flax plant consists of providing a compact weave structure that’s pretty difficult to penetrate. Thanks to this, linen naturally repels water.

Whilst not entirely waterproof – yes, a linen umbrella won’t offer the best protection in a downpour! – linen actively resists moisture, absorbing dampness without causing that uncomfortable feeling of wetness.

This moisture resistant quality means you can stay cool and cosy from season to season, even if you’re partial to hot or cold sweats. It also resists odours to keep you feeling fresher for longer.

It’s breathable

Despite the moisture-resistant barrier linen offers, its fibres remain particularly breathable. This means no damp, clammy feeling when you’re snuggling up under your linen bedspread or throw.

Linen has a self-cooling capacity that not only resists moisture but encourages the quick evaporation of excess water. The result is freshness and coolness that can’t be beaten. With optimum breathability, you’ll also find you sweat less when wearing or using linen.

It’s hypoallergenic

There are several, rather surprising health and wellness benefits that go hand-in-hand with linen, many of which are down to linen’s hypoallergenic status.

Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and ultra-hygienic, linen wards off and suppresses the harmful microorganisms and bacteria that can affect your health and wellbeing. Linen is great for people with sensitive skin, allergies, or asthma, with the breathability we mentioned earlier only adding to its charm and comfort.

Benefits of linen

It’s sleep-promoting

Getting a great night’s sleep depends on a long list of factors, one of which is your choice of bedding. Linen bedding creates the ideal environment for better sleep from season to season.

It’s eco friendly

We’re firm believers that sustainability should never be compromised when kitting out your home or wardrobe. Thankfully, linen delivers on all fronts, providing style and comfort whilst being particularly kind to the environment.

Here Country Living explains more about linen’s eco-friendly credentials:

“Linen is made from flax; a totally natural, biodegradable material. It requires no additional water to grow aside from rain – a far cry from the 10,000 litres required to grow 1kg of cotton. Every part of the plant can be used, too, so there’s no wastage – linseed oil is also made from flax, for example.”

Linen also requires very little maintenance, and with air drying recommended and no need to iron, you can lower your home’s carbon footprint with every wash.

It’s durable

Linen may be silky soft to the touch and embody a truly luxurious texture but it’s also the strongest natural fabric on the planet.

Up to 30% stronger than cotton, linen is made to last. Its thicker appearance doesn’t just boost durability, it makes your linen bedspread or throw perfectly weighted to ensure even better comfort.

It looks great

Linen is very low maintenance and is all the more beautiful for it. There’s nothing like curling up under a just washed linen throw that’s been air-dried to a crisp, comfortable finish. Whether you love this classic crumpled look or prefer a smoother texture, linen looks great and ages even better.

With a variety of stunning, neutral shades to choose from, our linen throws, bedspreads and cushions will be fabulous parts of your interior for the long haul, whatever the home décor trends bring.

Explore all our linen products and discover the benefits of using linen at home for yourself.