Wool – the safest fibre on the planet?

Wool safety

Safety is a number one priority in our everyday lives. While years ago it would have been perfectly acceptable to make some questionable safety decisions, we now actively seek out the safer options to ensure the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones is fully protected.

Those looking to maximise safety need look no further than wool. Unknown to most, using wool in your home, wardrobe, and everyday life will help you to uphold the highest safety standards as well as unlock a long list of other plus-points. Here’s how.

Safe for the planet

The world has an unrelenting waste problem, and it’s contaminating our oceans, affecting our lands, harming our health, and damaging wildlife.

Whilst we’ve no doubt stepped up our games on an individual basis to help the planet – most of us wouldn’t shop without our reusable bags and take household recycling very seriously indeed – it’s still not enough to counteract the damage that has been done to date.

Globally we dump 2.12 billion tons of waste every year. To put that figure into perspective, if this waste was put into dumper trucks, the queue of traffic would stretch around the entire planet 24 times.

Waste is a never-ending issue too as 99% of the items we purchase end up in landfill within just six months. But wool has the answer.

Thanks to its renewable and biodegradable status, you can splurge on wool to your heart’s content without harming the planet.

Wool is 100% natural, which means the sheep in charge of replenishing our wool stocks do so year-on-year so we’ll never run out of the good stuff.

Wool is also extremely durable and long lasting. But when it is time to dispose of your much-loved wool jumper or threadbare wool blanket, you can do just that with a clear conscience.

Wool items are fully biodegradable and take a very short time to decompose. When degraded, wool releases valuable nutrients into the soil to help the planet further.

Safe for your health

Whether wearing wool or decorating your home with it, you can unlock several great health benefits. Its breathability is renowned, enabling even those with asthma and allergies to breathe more easily.

Wool is naturally good for your body, and its all-natural temperature regulating and antibacterial qualities haven’t gone unnoticed.

Wool is the go-to material for parents of newborns, providing a safe option for a better night’s sleep for all parties.

Studies have shown that babies who sleep in merino wool settle faster, cry less, and gain weight much quicker. Find out more about why wool is best for baby.

Your skin will also reap the rewards of wearing wool, especially at this time of year when temperatures take a dip.

Wearing wool is particularly kind to skin and has been proven to relieve uncomfortable symptoms of eczema and other sensitive skin conditions.

Safe for the home

Wool is increasingly used throughout the home to enhance the aesthetic naturally and timelessly. Whether it’s a cosy wool bedspread or a sumptuous wool throw, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this naturally safe fibre.

Wool is naturally odour resistant and antibacterial. As a result, it doesn’t require much upkeep to stay smelling fresh, looking fabulous, and feeling great.

Those looking to embrace wool within their homes on a more permanent basis may want to consider installing wool carpets. Here British Wool explains why:

“Hardwearing wool carpets withstand tearing, are easy to care for and resist the indentations left by furniture. This is due to the crimped structure of wool which gives it flexibility and the waxy coating which contributes to its resilience against stains.

Naturally flame retardant, due to high water and nitrogen content, wool is a safe solution. Wool carpets are also fairly resistant against almost anything daily life can throw at them!”

The same natural flame retardancy is one of the many reasons why wool makes the perfect home insulation.

Its high water and nitrogen content means wool takes much longer to catch fire and once ignited will not melt or stick to the skin to cause burns or produce harmful fumes.

Ready to realise the safety benefits wool can bring to your home, health and wider planet? Shop our range of beautiful wool blankets, bedspreads, cushions, and scarves today to enhance your home and wardrobe safely and stylishly.