Wool and wellness – how are they connected?

Wool and wellness

Wellness is one buzzword we’re all familiar with, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. During the lockdown, everyone was encouraged to prioritise their health and wellness, keeping their bodies, minds and souls in a good place as we negotiated the challenges of the dreadful virus for months on end.

With this, our quest for better wellness became a part of our every day, and it’s a sentiment each one of us should hold onto as we take on our new normal post-pandemic. From how you eat, exercise and relax to creating an environment that’s made for better wellness at home and work, there are many changes you can make to put your wellbeing first.

Wool is an unlikely ally that could help you live more naturally, sleep better, stress less, and stay active. In this blog post, we delve deeper into the relationship between wool and wellness, and how wool can offer a helping hand in every positive change you make to your lifestyle.

Enjoy a better night’s sleep

Sleep is important for so many reasons. Getting enough of it will help you increase productivity and concentration, manage your weight, boost energy levels, improve social relationships, minimise stress, and even lower the risk of various illnesses and diseases.

Investing in a wool bedspread is your route to a great night’s sleep every night. Wool bedspreads will keep you cosy but cool. Wool is kind to the skin too, whilst its hypoallergenic nature doesn’t exacerbate the troublesome, sleep-disturbing symptoms of allergies and asthma.

wool and wellness

Increase those fitness levels

Increasing your daily exercise is a great way to get wellness back on track. Thanks to its breathable, moisture-wicking, odour resistant abilities, more people than ever are choosing wool to work out in. Rewards can be reaped whether you choose to exercise indoors or out all year round as SparkPeople details:

“What’s so interesting to me about wool is that it almost adapts to your needs. Wool is a very insulating material, which makes it great for winter workout layering. At the same time, like high-tech performance wear, wool is also breathable. It keeps you cool and allows for air circulation. It’s a pretty amazing duality. I can wear the same wool top when it’s 40 degrees out and be and be equally warm against the weather, but cool despite the fact that I’m working so hard.”

If, like us, you’re looking to enjoy exercise and absorb all that the beautiful season has to offer be sure to don a pair of our 100% merino wool socks on your next hike or bike ride.

Look after your mental wellbeing

Your stress levels can have a devastating impact on your life without the right management. That’s why it’s essential to find a stress management technique you can rely on in the face of life’s big and little challenges.

Whether you prefer to feel the burn to reduce stress levels by hiking your favourite spot, or curl up with a good book in your love-worn reading nook under a blanket to find balance, wool can be a constant and comforting companion.

Live more naturally

Surrounding yourself with all the joys of the natural world can have an extremely comforting effect, and it’ll work wonders for your wellbeing. Living a greener life is simple, and by furnishing your home and updating your wardrobe with wool you can embrace a more conscious way of living.

Select accessories to keep your home and wardrobe sustainably stylish for the long term, relish a low maintenance regime to minimise those energy-wasting laundry duties, and reduce your exposure to harmful microplastics by choosing wool.

Find all the woolly wonders you need to nurture your wellbeing right here at So Cosy.