Wool versus man-made – why au naturel is always better

Wool versus man-made – why au naturel is always better

For many years, man-made or synthetic fibre has been the go-to material. Seen as old-fashioned, wool was put in the backseat but with more knowledge surrounding the benefits of natural fibres, we’re pleased to say that the tables are turning.

Going au naturel with a wool throw blanket, cushion, scarf or shawl unlocks a number of advantages, particularly when compared with the same products manufactured using man-made materials.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at wool versus man-made so you can choose the cosiest accessories with confidence.

Warming but breathable

Man-made blankets and other products are designed to be excellent insulators, just like wool items. But where man-made fibres prosper, they’re let down by poor breathability, which isn’t great for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Natural wool, on the other hand, is highly breathable providing a breath of fresh air for individuals from all walks of life. Merino wool is particularly breathable as Campaign for Wool details:

“Wool fibres are crimped, and when tightly packed together, form millions of tiny pockets of air. This unique structure allows it to absorb and release moisture—either in the atmosphere or perspiration from the wearer—without compromising its thermal efficiency. Wool has a large capacity to absorb moisture vapour (up to 30 per cent of its own weight) next to the skin, making it extremely breathable.”

Made for a great night’s sleep

With its enhanced breathability in mind, wool is an excellent material to use throughout the home.

Our wool throws, for instance, are a favourite in bedrooms as they’re breathable and kind to skin. Wool blankets and throws also naturally regulate body temperature and even accommodate different temperatures for sleeping partners to ensure a perfect night’s sleep for all.

From season to season a wool blanket, such as our raspberry throw blanket, will be your best friend. As well as being an excellent insulator, it’s cooling, so you can stay warm in the colder months and cooler during spring and summer. 

Wool outperforms cotton and man-made fabrics in terms of absorbency too. Unlike cotton or synthetic blankets, wool does not become saturated with moisture. Instead it transfers moisture away from the skin to actively reduce humidity.

A texture like no other

Whether you opt for alpaca, merino or sheep wool, the texture of a natural wool product trumps man-made items every time. Silky, soft,and smooth, wool delivers a luxurious look and feel that’s quite surprising for first-time buyers. Wool fleeces are lighter, warmer and stronger than man-made fibres, yet still retain their fine texture and durability over time.

Better for you and the environment

Choosing wool over man-made isn’t just great for you, it’s great for the planet. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool fleeces are responsibly sourced. They’re also naturally occurring, which means producing wool products is less harmful to the environment.

Wool is collected humanely from a sustainable resource. By supporting the wool industry, you’re supporting an all-natural, renewable, biodegradable and organic way of warming yourself and your home.

Here at So Cosy, we offer the perfect introduction to natural fibre homewares and accessories. All our wool and jute products are environmentally friendly, lovingly made and sourced, super soft and luxurious. Shop our range today and enjoy the best of all worlds.