Pewter | Washable Eco-Rug

100% Recycled Plastic

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100% Recycled Plastic







100% recycled plastics and machine washable at 30 degrees! This supremely hardwearing eco rug in the pewter grey colour you can use indoors or out.

Below are a few tips to give your pewter grey rug a long and happy life

  1. Turn the rug over regularly for even wear.
  2. If you want to shake your rug, roll the end that you are going to hold to stop it from stretching.
  3. You can vacuum the rug, but please lift the motorised brush bar as the bristles can catch and break the thread that has been used to sew the rug together.
  4. You can spot clean with soap and water.
  5. If any ‘sprouts’ of yarn appear, simply cut them off. Don’t try and pull them out.
  6. You can machine wash your rug. Just scrunch it up, and wash it on a cool (30-degree) wash, using a small amount of detergent. Do not use a softener.
  7. Do not tumble dry. Just leave it to dry naturally (this won’t take too long). And don’t put over a line, as a crease will appear.
  8. Treat a larger rug as you would carpet. You can use any commercial rug or carpet cleaner or simply mild soap and water.
  9. These rugs are supremely hardwearing. They can live outside if necessary without rotting, fading or developing mildew. Ideal for porches, sunrooms, and decks. If using them inside, they are up to any task.
  10. You may be aware of the joins within the rug, this is a natural part of the manufacturing process and not a fault.

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