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100% Recycled Plastic







100% recycled plastic and machine washable at 30 degrees! This supremely hardwearing eco rug in beige colour is one you can use both indoors or out.

You are going to love our new range of Eco Rugs. Not only can you machine wash them, they can be used indoors or out, without rotting, or developing mildew. And they won’t fade! They don’t feel like plastic either – they are supremely soft underfoot. And by buying one of these rugs, you are now doing your own little bit towards combatting the millions of tons of waste plastic produced every year. We’ve chosen both bright and soft colour options for you to choose for your kitchen, utility, deck, hall, your caravan, motorhome or anywhere else you can use one.

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Better for the environment

When you buy an eco-braided rug from us, you will have great peace of mind in knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment. All eco braided rugs can be hand washed and can be machine washed in temperatures as low as 30 degrees.

Fully recyclable

All of our Washable Braided Rugs are made from 100 per cent recyclable plastic. Our stylish rugs are made from plastic that has been gathered from bottle recycling.

Hardwearing for everyday use

When you buy an eco-braided rug, we guarantee that it will last for a very long time. They are incredibly hardwearing and are designed for heavy use. These rugs are made to be walked and lived upon.

Use in any room

Our range of eco braided rugs are suitable for use in any room in your home. They will not be affected by extremes of heat or other environmental conditions. Our eco braided rugs can be placed in kitchens, hallways, conservatories, playrooms and even bathrooms. They are soft to touch, and are suitable for children to walk and play upon them in bare feet.

Outdoor use

The other great news is that our Recycled Plastic Rugs are suitable for outdoor use. It can be placed in the garden for your little one to play or recline on, or for you to simply have somewhere to rest your feet. They will not fade in direct sunlight, will not rot in damp conditions and are not susceptible to mildew.

A colour to suit you

Our wide range of eco braided rugs come in a variety of colours to suit all home decor needs. Choose from the darkest coal, right through to pale grey!

Have fun browsing our range of eco braided rugs.

A little explanation as to how our recycled plastic rugs are made. Unlike some recycled products made from plastic bottles, these braided rugs are made from all kinds of plastic, even the ones that you can’t recycle domestically. The plastic is turned into coloured granules which are spun like candyfloss to produce a fine web that is then turned into hard wearing yarn. These yarns are then braided and sewn individually into machine washable braided rugs. It requires a lot of skill to sew a braided rug together, so these braided rugs are a result of much time and quality craftsmanship

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