Nazca Hand Woven Blanket

50% Alpaca / 50% Lambswool


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50% Alpaka / 50% Lammwolle





The comforting Nazca throw blanket is handwoven in the highlands of the Andes using handlooms and centuries old weaving techniques. Crafted from a blend of softest organic wool, alpaca and lambswool, it feels silky like to touch and is guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy. The pattern pays homage too traditional Peruvian textile design and features subtle graphical stripes of natural wool colours and finished with cute tufted ends. Nazca is a piece of art as a throw and looks absolutely divine in all spaces.

This item is World Fair Trade Certified.

Skilled artisans with a broad knowledge of Peruvian crafts and aesthetics made this throw, read more about the talent behind the Nazca Throw in our blog MEET THE MAKERS