Washable Paper Placemat

100% Cellulose


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100% Paper | Cellulose






Metallic Platinum

Simple yet elegant paper placemats that will suit any table setting. Placemats come in stain resistant Metallic paper. Easy to clean with a damp sponge and they help you protect the table from heat and wear of the cutlery.

Washable paper accessories that will be with you from breakfast to dinner, through snacks and lunches with friends.

Dimensions: W48 x H33 / W19 x H13 inches Width.

Product Care: Handwashed in warm water using a mild detergent or soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry flat.
On occasion there can be very small imperfections found in the metallic paper they are minor and do not effect the strength of the paper.
It is normal for the metallic paper to crease and mark with wear, the intention is for the paper to become more like a foil. This is characteristic of the metallic paper, it is not a fault.

Material: Washable Paper | 100% Cellulose.

Made in Italy.