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This high-efficiency Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent has been specially developed for people with sensitive skin, babies and children. It’s a fragrance-free, all-round detergent that is tough on stains and bacteria, while still preserving a full range of colours.

How it works

The main difference between this laundry detergent and for example Steamery’s All Colors Laundry Detergent is the absence of allergenics, like perfumes and preservatives. The clever thing about this modern detergent is that, already at 20°C, it targets dirt and bacteria and dissolves and removes the remains with the washing machine water rinse. Washing at lower temperatures prolongs the lifespan of clothes and saves water and energy.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Suitable for all materials except wool and silk
  • Effective from 20°C


  • Contains no enzymes, colorants, zeolites or phosphates
  • Highly concentrated (12-19 washes)
  • Manufactured in a climate neutral factory in Vadstena, Sweden


>10% Aqua, >10% Laureth-9, 1-10% Laureth-3, 1-10%, Glycerin, 1,10% Sodium laureth sulfate, 1-10% Fatty Acids, C12-18 and C18-UNSATD, 1-10% Fatty Acids, C16-18 and C18-UNSATD, 0,1-1% Potassium Hydroxide, 0,1-1% Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl Alaninate, <0,1% Calcium Chloride, <1% Phenoxyethanol, <0,1% Subtilisin, <0,1% Lipase, <0,1% Cellulase, <0,1% Amalyse, -A.

Does any of your detergents contain citric acid?

No, none of our detergents contain citric acid or bleach.

What makes your detergents special?

All our detergents are biodegradable in nature and made in a climate neutral factory in Sweden. They are also effective already at 30°C, which saves energy and is gentler to your textiles.

Can I use this detergent if I have allergies?

We have developed Hypoallergenic as an option for you with sensitive skin and allergies. It’s completely free from perfume and contains only raw ingredients that are gentle and kind to your skin.

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