Carnival Rectangular Eco-Jute Rug

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100% Organic Jute

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100% Organic Jute







Cosy Carnival Rectangle Eco-Jute Rug

Freshness and Comfort for Your Space

Step into the warmth and charm of our Carnival rectangle eco-jute rug. This stunning contemporary piece brings a cosy touch to any room, making your home feel especially inviting. Crafted with care from natural jute fibres, it’s both practical and stylish, adding a homely vibe to your space.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Feel good about your choice with our Carnival rectangle rug. Crafted from eco-friendly jute, it’s a truly green product. Jute requires no fertilizers, making it organic. Plus, it’s the hardest-wearing natural fibre and biodegradable, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

Handcrafted Beauty and Natural Charm

Made in Bangladesh where jute grows naturally, our rugs are crafted by skilled artisans. Each item is made individually, celebrating the craftsmanship and tradition of the region. Embrace the occasional imperfections as they add to the charm of the product, reflecting its natural beauty.

Care Instructions for Lasting Beauty

Maintain the beauty of your Carnival rug with simple care. Treat it as you would any carpet—vacuum regularly and clean with gentle soap and water. Remember, you can use both sides for even wear. As a natural fibre, jute may fade in direct sunlight, so it’s advisable to keep it out of direct exposure.

Complete Your Cosy Look

Enhance the charm of your space with matching colour coasters, placemats, table runners, and storage baskets, available to complete the look. For added luxury, complement your Tundra rug with our cosy blankets and cushions, elevating your home to a new level of comfort and style.

Need a large-size Eco-Jute Rug?

For a 152cm (width) x 244cm (length) (5′ x 8′) rug, please contact us. We’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your space.


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