Ethos Naturals Lemongrass & Ginger Tin Candle

H82 x D76 mm

Rapeseed Oil & Coconut Wax | Cotton Wick

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Rapeseed Oil & Coconut Wax | Cotton Wick


H82 x D76 mm

Exquisite Lemongrass and Zingy Ginger candle, a captivating blend that opens with the lively notes of lemon and orange peel, setting the stage for a sensory journey like no other. The heart of this enchanting fragrance unfolds with the invigorating essence of lemongrass, intricately warmed by the addition of freshly grated ginger, violet, and ylang-ylang blossoms.

The Ethos by Nature collection, from the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, draws inspiration from a rich cultural heritage. Each candle is a masterpiece, meticulously hand-poured to perfection. Crafted with care, the collection is made from a harmonious blend of sustainably sourced rapeseed oil and coconut wax, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly burn. The soft glow is complemented by the inclusion of cotton wicks, providing you with a truly guilt-free indulgence.

Established in 1970, Ethos Candles proudly continues its legacy of sourcing the finest ingredients to curate fragrances that inspire and stand the test of time. Immerse yourself in the soothing and timeless aroma of Lemongrass and Zingy Ginger, a scent that transcends eras.

This 240g candle boasts an impressive 40-hour burn time, allowing you to enjoy the delightful fragrance for extended periods. Enrich your space with the natural luxury of Ethos Candles and let the captivating aroma of Lemongrass and Zingy Ginger be the perfect addition to your moments of relaxation and reflection.

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