Florence All-Year-Round Bedspread-Merino Wool, Charcoal Grey

220 x 250 cm – 7ft 2in x 8ft 2in

100% Super-Fine Merino Wool

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Weight 2.750 kg

100% Extra Fine Merino Wool


Charcoal Grey


W220 x L250 cm – 7ft 2in x 8ft 2in





Woolmark certified. Learn more here.

Florence Large Merino Wool Bedspread: A Cosy Haven for Your Super King-size Bed

Experience Cosy Elegance with the Florence Merino Wool Charcoal Grey Reversible Bedspread

Wrap yourself in the warmth and softness of the Florence Large Merino Wool Bedspread, lovingly crafted from 100% Extra Fine Merino wool in a charming charcoal grey shade. This oversized bedspread is a snug sanctuary for your super king-size bed, effortlessly doubling as a delightful bed runner for added charm.

Luxurious Size and Versatility

With ample dimensions of 200 x 250cm – 7ft 2in x 8ft 2in, this bedspread generously covers your bed, promising complete comfort and cosiness. Folded in half, it effortlessly transforms into a stylish bed runner, lending a touch of warmth and sophistication to your bedroom space.

all seasons super king size cosy bedspreads

Reversible Design for Endless Styling Options

Discover the beauty of versatility with the Florence bedspread’s reversible design. Simply flip it over to switch between the darker charcoal grey and a lighter grey, allowing you to effortlessly refresh your bedding style and create a cosy ambience that suits your mood.

Unparalleled Comfort and Quality

Crafted from Extra Fine Merino wool, renowned for its softness and warmth, this bedspread envelops you in a cocoon of comfort every time you snuggle beneath it. The delightful texture, reminiscent of washed linen, adds rustic charm to your bedroom decor, creating a welcoming retreat you’ll never want to leave.

Irresistible Colour Options

In addition to the classic charcoal grey, the Florence Large Merino Wool Bedspread comes in a range of enchanting hues, including Green Tint & Oxford Stone, Light Grey & White, Oxford Stone and Tobacco Brown. Whether you prefer soothing neutrals or rich, earthy tones, there’s a shade to suit every style and preference.

Transform Your Bedroom into a Cosy Haven

Experience the cosy embrace of extra fine merino wool and transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquillity and luxury. With its irresistible softness, reversible design, and charming washed effect, the Florence Bedspread promises to elevate your sleep sanctuary to new levels of comfort and style.


  • Material: 100% super-fine merino wool.
  • Measurements: W 220 x L250 cm.

Key Benefits of Merino Wool


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1. Air wool blankets outside

Often air ventilation is the best way to freshen wool blankets. Take the wool blanket outside and give it a good shake before hanging the blanket in an area where there is good airflow. This will loosen any dust or dirt from the blanket.

2. Brush wool blankets with a soft-bristle brush

Like most blankets, wool blankets also need a refresh from time to time which can easily be achieved with a soft-bristle garment brush. Lay the blanket flat on the floor and brush along the grain of the blanket’s surface. This will ensure the wool fibres are all lying in the same direction, removes any surface soil or stain and smooths the fibres of the blanket.

3. Clean liquid stains

Wool is naturally stain and water-repellent, but after a few minutes, the liquid will begin to soak into the fabric. To remove this liquid stain, use warm water and mild detergent to spot clean as soon as possible. Don’t scrub the fabric. Instead, soak the stained area with warm water and detergent and blot with a soft cloth.

4. Wash heavily soiled wool blankets

To wash heavily soiled wool blankets, it is important to follow the care instructions of the blanket. If the label says the blanket is machine washable, the most important steps to follow are to use the gentle wool wash cycle on the washing machine, use cold water and only use specified wool wash detergents.

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To dry wool blankets, it is best to hang them flat over a clothesline outside to support the weight of the wet blanket. It is also important to hang wool blankets away from direct sunlight to avoid fading and it may cause the wool to dry too quickly, which may result in the coarseness of the fabric. Avoid putting wool blankets in the dryer, as it can destroy the softness and shape of the wool blanket.

6. Store wool blankets

Store your wool blankets in a dark, cool place in an air-tight container or bag, and if pests are a common occurrence in your home, you can nestle a few cedar chips with your wool blankets as cedarwood is a natural flying insect repellent.

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