Creating your Christmas tables – advice from Decorative Glass Designer Emma Britton

With the beautiful So Cosy wool blankets providing the backdrop, it’s easy to see that introducing the right seasonal tablescape this autumn can cement a look you and your guests will love as well as take you through to Christmas in style.

Delivering a lovely textural element to the scene, a tablescape with lashings of natural touches can bring joy to darker days and add a certain magic to hosting at home. Layered on dining chairs, So Cosy blankets naturally complement my eco seasonal Woodland Walk collection, glassware and linens that feature a decorative pattern of teasel seed heads, larch trees, coppery grasses and berries.

Inspired by a walk I took in that slow time between Christmas and New Year, the collection is central to my own seasonal tablescape – just like the guys at So Cosy, I love to entertain from my Edwardian home!

Here’s how I create an inviting space where everyone can gather over a long winter lunch, festive feast, or a glass of red or two…

Bring luxury and nature together

For autumn and winter tables, I love to create a luxuriously natural look, something seasonal and stylish that you can carry through to festive celebrations. As a glass designer, I naturally use the patterns in my glassware to build a scene.

I’ve put together my bestselling Silver Birch and new Woodland Walk collection this year, adding in my Amber Candle Holders for balance. The table is scattered with pine cones, pomegranates and little nibble bowls full of nuts and candied fruits that make it feel very welcoming.

Christmas table decor

Add intimacy and warmth to the mix

Paper decorations placed overhead bring the ceiling height down so the space becomes less imposing and more intimate as a result. Dressing the chairs with So Cosy blankets brings yet more warmth and character to the whole setting.

Think carefully about placement

When I set a table to host guests a look that feels relaxed is always my go-to. A mix-and-match approach is usually the way I go, nothing too formal. I keep a commonality to the theme though, and create rhythm with where I put things on the table.

This year, I’m using a brown paper runner, which really offsets the patterns in my glassware. It’s a low cost, recyclable way of covering your table too.

Christmas table examples

Excite all the senses this season

I love including natural elements at the Christmas table. This season, I’ve included some oranges for a delightful pop of colour and warmth. Scents of the season can be found in my vases, with sprigs of rosemary or a Christmas pine tying in with my Woodland Walk Napkins, and helping the whole table look and smell amazing.

I’m actually making fabric crackers with my Woodland Walk Napkins too. I love how eco fabric crackers feel, and it’s something you can do year after year with my easy tutorial.

Decorative glass designer

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Emma’s new eco seasonal Woodland Walk collection features tumblers, a carafe and vase, all decorated and hand finished at her studio, plus matching cotton napkins screen-printed with her design in the UK.

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Photo credit: Elly Lucas commissioned by Emma Britton Decorative Glass Designer