What is undyed wool?

Wool close up

Discover more about undyed wool and its benefits with this quick guide…

Here at the House of So Cosy, we’re proud to share our collection of timelessly beautiful homewares and accessories, each of which has been handcrafted using materials that are completely natural, ethical and eco-friendly. The fibres we use are as nature intended, with the finest wool (including alpaca, baby alpaca, Merino, mohair, cashmere and pure new wool) and most sustainable materials taking pride of place in our range.

Speaking of fibres at their most natural, undyed wool is as untouched and authentic as it gets. But, what is undyed wool and are there any benefits to going back to basics with this stunningly simple material?

What exactly is undyed wool?

As the name suggests, undyed wool is exactly that. It is wool has not been dyed in any way, which is why you’ll find undyed creations in the most stunning, earthy tones.

This fibre celebrates the beauty, elegance and texture of wool in its natural state. Typically used for spinning, weaving, needle felting and arm knitting, undyed yarn also produces a beautiful finish when called upon to make blankets, throws and other home accessories.

Is it the same as pure new wool?

In short, no. While pure new wool is a type of undyed wool, it is not the only variety that falls into this category. Some of our undyed wool creations for instance are crafted using alpaca and Merino wool.

Pure new wool is a fibre that’s been woven for the very first time. Its pure status means it hasn’t been blended with any other fibres or recycled. It is also raw fleece; free from dyes and any other additives.

Undyed wool with spindle

Why should I choose undyed wool?

Whether opting for one of our pure new wool throws or undyed baby alpaca wool scarves, going undyed makes perfect sense for so many reasons.

By choosing an undyed wool accessory, you can enjoy the texture and colours of wool in its most natural form. You’ll also get to unlock all the benefits that go hand-in-hand with using wool within the home or on the go, including these advantages detailed by Campaign for Wool:

“Wool is a hygroscopic fibre. As the humidity of the surrounding air rises and falls, the fibre absorbs and releases water vapour. Heat is generated and retained during the absorption phase, which makes wool a natural insulator. Used in the home, wool insulation helps to reduce energy costs and prevents the loss of energy to the external environment, thus reducing carbon emissions.”

Did we mention that wool is natural, biodegradable, breathable, durable, easy to care for, odour-resistant, safe, and made for year-round use? Undyed wool has the added benefit of having that iconic lanolin scent, which – thanks to the lack of dye – is able to shine through in all its glory.

Want to explore undyed wool at its best?

Look no further than the So Cosy range! From our charming, striped Ara Throw and generously sized Derry Blanket to our undyed Toni Scarf, there’s a lot to love about undyed wool in all its fabulous shapes, shades and styles.

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