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For the most creative table-sets of your own on occasion no matter big or small.
Handcrafted candle holder from porcelain for thin (0,5 cm diameter) candles. Holders come in matte white, blueish grey or glossy green glaze, fits for Slim or Birthday Candles.

As a handmade object the candle holders may differ slightly in colour or shape.

Height – 3 cm, base diameter – 3,3 cm, hole diameter – 0,6 cm (fits for Slim or Birthday Candles).

Finished – Blueish Grey

Porcelain candle stick holders are holders are handmade by small manufacturer in Lithuania also making pottery tableware. Tiny caneles are handcrafted in small batches during multi-stage routine until they get the shape intended. This involves liquid porcelain being poured into moulds, one at a time; then set aside and dried out, later fired in a kiln at high temperatures properly, glazed in several steps, washed and trimmed. The whole affair is time consuming and goes delicate ways using just simple tools and skilful hands.

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