From summer to autumn: 5 cosy changes to make to your interior

Autumn decor

With summer almost over, it’s time to rethink your home interior. Autumn is the perfect time to add those warm, comfortable, inviting touches we all love to cling to as the climate turns a little cooler. As the home of cosy goodness, we’re here to share the top changes to make to your interior as we make that transition from summer to autumn.

1. Embrace jewel colour themes

The dark, moody colour themes that are synonymous with autumn are back, and in a very big and bold way. YourHomeStyle explains more about the colours you should be using in your autumn-inspired interior:

“Deep greens and blues evoke a calming atmosphere that’s ideal for concentrating on cosy autumn activities, whether that’s settling down with a copy of our magazines or enjoying your favourite Scandi drama. Don’t be afraid to delve into dark shades and offset the moody tones with warm highlights in ochre and mustard. The light from candles and warm white bulbs cast a comforting glow against dark walls and will help create snug vibes on winter evenings.”

Jewel tones don’t have to be used in abundance. Adorning a single wall with one of these delightfully dark shades is a great way to inject that autumn feel into your home. Those looking for something a little less permanent can switch out their summer home accessories with jewel-toned creature comforts like our Teal and Grey Emery Cushion or Tawny Port and Light Grey Capri Throw.

2. Opt for something subtler

Add warmth to every room with those little accessory additions that make a space. Our range of candles and candle holders not only add literal warmth to the room. Their use of natural materials and organic shapes has a rustic vibe that exudes autumn.

Interior decor ideas for autumn

3. Bring texture into your space

Cosiness is touchable textures, whether that’s wrapping yourself in the warmth of a beautiful wool blanket or adding textiles to harder furniture to encourage that homely feel.

Add that autumn look to your kitchen or dining space by exploring our table runners. From earthy to vibrant, our jute runners inject texture, colour and character into these traditionally more clinical rooms without you needing to overhaul your entire interior.

4. Experience autumn from head to toe

It’s not just your hands that are meant for appreciating those new, autumn-inspired textures in your home. The same cosiness should be considered when designing an underfoot experience that’s made for the cooler months.

With this in mind, our 100% organic jute rugs are fantastic additions as you transition from summer to autumn. As well as being all-natural and hardwearing (they’re ideal for high-traffic areas), our jute rugs are practical, stylish and super easy to take care of. Discover more reasons to love jute right here.

5. Spark the senses with seasonal surprises

Create a multi-sensory experience within your home by decorating your interiors with seasonal trinkets that reflect what autumn is all about. Forage in nature to source pinecones for side table displays, and fill diffusers with aromas of wild fig, warm spices and sandalwood to excite all the senses during the season ahead.

Swapping fresh flowers for dried displays is another must. In addition to embracing those earthy tones of autumn, they’re a quirky addition that’ll just keep on giving. You can even get creative and dry your own flowers with this helpful guide.