How we can all benefit from going veggie


It’s almost World Vegetarian Day, and in the run-up to the big event on 1st October 2022, we thought now would be the perfect time to look at the benefits of going meat-free. By going vegetarian for just one or two days a week, you can unlock several advantages for your health, finances and the wider planet, but don’t just take our word for it! Read on to discover how we can all benefit from going veggie during October and beyond.

Take care of your health

Whilst a balanced diet is important to ensure we stay fit and healthy for the long term, it doesn’t have to have meat as its staple. By going vegetarian, you can enjoy a healthier diet that helps to prevent cancer, fight heart disease, reduce your risk of diabetes, and lower blood pressure.

By eating mainly fruits and vegetables, you’ll also promote better weight management, avoiding the high BMIs that can put you at risk of yet more diseases, illnesses and difficulties.

Take care of your mind

It’s not just your physical health that will benefit from going vegetarian. Your mental well-being will be enhanced by your meat-free creations.

Introducing more vegetarian dishes to your diet has been linked to many mood-improving benefits. With more complex carbs and lower fat, whole ingredients consumed, you’ll also see an improvement in those energy levels, leaving you more motivated and positive to go about your day.

Healthy food

Take care of the planet

Unbeknown to most, eating meat has a major impact on the environment. With meat consumption rising to five times the level it was in 1950, the burden the global meat industry puts on the planet is there for all to see.

The commercialisation of meat production has resulted in the increased use of essential resources like land and water. As well as influencing our health and well-being, meat production is negatively impacting other ecosystems, with the marine environment devastated by the use of modern trawlers used to collect seafood.

Meat production also causes pollution, with meat-producing animals responsible for the release of several harmful emissions into our atmosphere. We’ll let explain more:

“Like trees, crops produce oxygen, which is incredibly beneficial to the environment. Animals, however, produce methane, nitrous oxide, and other gasses that pollute the air, warm the earth, and accelerate climate change. Cows are the worst culprit by far, emitting four times more GHGs per calorie than pigs or chickens. Beef also emits 20 times more GHGs per gram of protein than common plant proteins, making crops more beneficial to the environment.”

By reducing or even eliminating meat from your diet, you can do your bit to help the Earth last that little bit longer.

Take care of your finances

With the cost of living higher than ever, it’s well worth mentioning that shopping for vegetarian or even vegan recipes is far cheaper than buying produce for dishes that contain meat or fish. Cooking dishes from scratch and/or growing your own fruits and vegetables at home will also help cut costs at the checkout.

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