The golden rules of creating your own cosy nook

Making your home cosier

We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of hygge in one way or another. It’s a feeling of cosiness and comfort that enriches our wellbeing and, with the right help, our spaces can give us the big hug hygge promises.

One easy way to hygge your home is by creating a cosy corner or nook. Whether you have a small or large space to play with, a sumptuous snug can make the home as relaxing and restorative as it should be.

Craving a cosy nook of your very own? Read our step-by-step guide to adding a cosy corner or nook to a room, reclaim your space and recharge yourself for the season ahead.

Step 1 – Select your space

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just living areas that are the perfect place for a cosy corner or nook. Any part of the home can be transformed, from a generously sized landing to an underutilised corner of the bedroom. Even the heart of the home could be a great place to introduce a nook as Wren explains:

“A kitchen nook is a versatile seating space; ideal for cosy and informal get-together, intimate candlelit dinners, reading on a blurry-eyed weekday or a quiet space for the kids to do their homework. No matter what sized space you have, you can always add kitchen nook seating… Kitchen nook designs can be bold, cosy, or even sleek but don’t do anything until you’ve taken on this inspiration to fit any style, size and budget.”

Step 2 – Choose your seating

A great seat should sit at the centre of any cosy nook or corner, and as you’ll discover the possibilities really are endless. Choose a seating option that complements the space, your nook’s primary use, and your personal style.

You can opt for a more permanent seating option, like a comfy armchair, love seat or bench, or simply throw down a selection of scatter cushions. In fact, our new cushion designs mean you don’t have to search far for a timeless look and super soft texture that’ll serve you well!

Step 3 – Layer your look

Every great nook uses layers to its advantage. As well as upping the cosiness of your space, layering is ideal for mixing up your look for the long term, giving you the opportunity to switch out accessories to refresh your nook season after season.

Step 4 – Add a table

Your cosy corner or nook should be comfortable in every way, but it also needs to be practical. Whether you intend to use your space to catch up on work emails or read something a little more leisurely, you’ll need a place to rest the refreshments that’ll get you through.

Add a classic coffee table, side table or shelf to your scheme – it’ll be the perfect place to put that brew or glass of wine.

Step 5 – Light the way

Lighting is a vital part of making your cosy corner or nook extra comfortable. Again, you’ll need to consider how you’ll use your space. A nook used for snoozing after all will require entirely different lighting than one used for reading or working. Create a lighting plan that works with direct or soft lighting fixtures placed where appropriate.

Ready to get started with the design of your cosy corner or nook? You’re in the right place! Explore our range of naturally beautiful throws, cushions, rugs, and candles and candle holders to create an ultra-comfortable space from the floor upwards.