How to recharge yourself in the winter season and get ready for spring

Recharging during winter

Blue Monday – i.e. the year’s most depressing day – may be behind us, but everyone will be feeling the effects of those dreary days after Christmas and New Year in one way or another. With this in mind, taking the time to recharge yourself during those final weeks of winter is a must as well as a great way to prepare for spring and take on the new season positively.

Read on to discover our top tips for recharging yourself this winter, and see out those chilly days of the season a little sprightlier.

Forget the resolutions

With a huge amount of people making resolutions come New Year and two thirds of them abandoning these hopes, dreams and ambitions within a month, creating resolutions can in fact have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing leaving you far from recharged and motivated for the year ahead.

Here Purpose Fairy explains just one of the reasons why you shouldn’t have a New Year’s resolution:

“There is only one New Year, but each and every day is born with a new opportunity. If yesterday’s attitude didn’t work for us, we can change it today. If last night was the hardest night of our life, the next can hold the most beautiful moon. When we seal a resolution in our heads as static markers for an entire year, we give ourselves the message of ‘just one chance’.”

By viewing every single day as a fresh, new start that’s full of potential, you can embrace a more positive, present mindset rather than trying (and failing) to fulfil the goals you set just once a year.

Make small changes

By making the small changes that mean a lot, you can make a positive difference to your life for the long term. These changes can be as simple as aiming to drink one more glass of water a day or choosing a healthy snack rather than a chocolate treat.

Every little helps when crafting an optimistic mindset that’ll enable you to take on each new day with flair, even if the weather outside is telling you to stay in bed!

Get more sleep

Sleep deprivation affects your health and wellbeing in more ways than you think. Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality can leave you irritable, moody, and even depressed, angry or anxious. By getting more shut-eye, you can set your body and mind up for the day ahead and see out the winter season with positivity.

Need a few pointers for getting a better night’s sleep? Read our top tips for sleeping soundly.

Cosy bed

Make someone’s day

As well as showing yourself kindness, spreading the love with a few random acts of kindness that make someone else’s day can have an inspiring, heart-warming, feel-good effect on you. Showing kindness every day has been proven to ease stress and anxiety, which will certainly leave you feeling invigorated during the season ahead.

Create a haven at home

You don’t have to throw yourself into a huge home improvement project to make the positive changes you need to feel comfortable in your own home. Switch up your homewares and accessories to breathe new life into an old or underappreciated space and enjoy a cosy feeling that is instantly restorative.

Starting a new season with a fresh new look is also a great way to connect with your space, give yourself a little boost and enjoy your home wholeheartedly.

When decorating your home for the New Year and the seasons ahead, go natural with your textiles. Our range of stunning, sustainable homewares offers all you need to beautify your space and create the warm, fuzzy feeling that’s always revitalising and uplifting.

Holding a glass and reading