Storage solutions for the modern-day home

So Cosy basket

With Christmas and New Year behind us, now is the perfect time to rethink your home setup. As well as adding the cosy flourishes that will keep you warm and comfy for the rest of winter and beyond, upgrading your storage solutions can help you refresh and renew your interior for better use and a simpler lifestyle.

Good storage matters. In fact, storage rated very highly indeed in a survey of home buyers recently, with savvy solutions treasured amongst would-be purchasers. Not all storage solutions have to be permanent fixtures within the modern-day home, however. There are a number of home accessories you can incorporate into your interior design scheme to make getting (and staying) organised for the new season super simple.

In this blog post, we take a closer look at the storage tips, tricks and accessories that could change the way you live for the better.

Embrace storage in all sizes

Our storage baskets offer handy solutions that satisfy the storage needs of every space, no matter how big or small. They also tick all the right boxes regarding style and sustainability, with each of our baskets crafted using the most ethical fibres, including 100% organic jute and hogla.

We’ll let Treehugger explain why jute is an excellent choice for home storage:

“Jute is the second most commonly produced plant-based fiber—the ever-popular cotton takes the first spot. Jute is well-known for its strength and durability, though this coarse fabric isn’t as commonly used in clothing as much as in industrial and storage materials. Plant fibers offer distinct advantages to synthetic fibers, including their non-corrosive nature, their high strength to weight, and their sustainability.”

Available from small to extra, extra large, our storage baskets can be used to house a wide range of items, from toys and knick-knacks to fresh fruit and veg. Many of our designs come complete with handles, providing durable, versatile, eco-friendly storage that’s completely transportable.

Eye-catching, beautiful, and utterly timeless; So Cosy baskets can be used to meet all your storage requirements, however, they evolve over the years.

Try paper – yes, really!

Paper bags are one of the most underutilised storage solutions. Contrary to popular belief, organic paper is a hardy material with so many versatile uses, making it a brilliant option for storage.

Our handmade XXL Paper Bags – available in green, brown and grey – can be used to store laundry, kids’ toys, shoes, blankets and linens, and even pot plants. Each generously sized paper bag can be called upon time and time again, with the material able to be simply washed in mild, warm, soapy water to keep it fresh, clean and reusable.

Reimagine your kitchen storage

One place where many homes need all the help they can get in the storage department is the kitchen. Kitchen storage solutions don’t have to be hidden away at the back of a cupboard or drawer, however. Our range of reclaimed kitchen accessories offers a variety of storage solutions that look the part too.

Made from natural materials, and sporting the earthy tones and shapely organics that suit any scheme, our kitchenware is an inspirational storage option that you’ll love using and admiring.

Store goodies on the go too

As winter comes to an end and spring makes an appearance, finetuning your on-the-go storage is a must. It’ll make those early spring outings in nature a pleasure as well as a breeze.

Our picnic blankets don’t just provide a comfy spot to enjoy some delicious food and drink in the great outdoors. Thanks to their integrated storage pockets, our fold-away picnic blanket design doubles as a cool, stylish and functional bag that’ll be a joy to take anywhere meaning you can adventure smarter!