The magic of Marrakech – a So Cosy story

Marrakech title image

Our search for the most stunning and sustainable fibres as well as the best design inspiration has taken us to a long (long) list of destinations all over the world.

From our work within the local community, our exhibitions at RHS flower shows and our time spent wandering the peaks of Snowdonia to our adventures in Europe, Peru, New Zealand and India, we’ve been lucky enough to venture to many beautiful places and explore many exciting spaces since we launched So Cosy.

Our most recent trip took us to central Morocco, just north of the legendary Sahara Desert. Here we share more about our time in Marrakech and why the magic it makes possible is so captivating.

A UNESCO site steeped in history

Marrakech – or ‘Marrakesh’ as it is also spelt – has been a political, economic and cultural epicentre for most of its history. A fact that has seen its medina quarter – a historic district that sits at the heart of Marrakech – gain UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Its medina is a must-visit for those exploring the city as U.S. News Travel details:

“For centuries, the medina acted as a political and economic hub whose influence radiated throughout the Middle East. Royals resided here, international trade took place here and cultures developed here. As you stroll through this 11th-century labyrinth of alleyways, you’ll see that Marrakech’s history remains intact. Past visitors said that the medina is a must-see, especially at night.”

Marrakech: a must-visit for all

Based just a few hours away from the UK, the entire city (including its historic medina) provides an immersive visit for all, whatever their tastes or interests. You are thrown into a different culture, and will be blown away by Marrakech’s artisans, colours, weather and people, as well as the textures and handmade items that can (and should) be appreciated throughout your trip.

While you need to remember that you are in a Muslim country, and should behave and dress accordingly, the safety we felt in Marrakech is something we’re always keen to comment on.

Where modern meets traditional

Natural fibres are a big deal in Marrakech, which is probably why we loved it so much! The city is awash with handcrafts, with rattan, seagrass, bamboo, jute and palm leaves seen in abundance here.

Marrakech was quite frankly a paradise for us. Let’s just say the city’s markets charmed us into many purchases! As well as being bowled over by the beauty of all these stunning textures in one place, we returned home with lots of nice little baskets and table decorations, not to mention plenty more inspiration.

The carpet market was particularly incredible. Marrakech’s artisans are so good at using wool, and utilise these naturally good materials along with old traditions to create modern designs. We actually visited a hand-weaving mill during our trip to see exactly how these traditional set-ups work.

But enough talk from us! Take some time to enjoy just a snapshot of Marrakech as captured by So Cosy.