So Cosy went to Peru!

So Cosy went to Peru!

If you follow us, you know that So Cosy takes great pride in our products – natural, un-dyed and made exclusively by the highest grade suppliers from specific wool’s native regions. We believe that our business should not only give natural warmth to our customers but also contribute to the better world – the reason why we use only sustainable alpaca fleece made and processed in Peru. Our efforts to lead – by all means – a good business have been noticed and we have been invited to Peru Moda 2016 show in Lima by the Peruvian Embassy in London. Although we didn’t have much time on hand, we spent it seeing as much of this intriguing country as possible.

Vibrant indigenous culture

Since the moment of landing, we were amazed by the variety and spread  of the indigenous culture in Peru. In our road trip through Costco, Loma, Pisac, Urubamba and Chinchero we saw colorfully dressed people, ancient ornaments on street stands and of course, dressed up (and even pierced!) alpacas, that fit all too well in the lush green and mountainous surroundings.


Peru Moda 2016

To quote their website, Peru Moda is “the event that brings together the best of Peruvian export supply in apparel, footwear and jewelry” and we were all too glad to attend it and connect with people with similar business and life aspirations. Alpacas are truly fantastic – products based on their fleece dominated the exhibition and ranged from classic throws and textiles to sophisticated house decorations.

Peru Moda

Visiting a So Cosy factory

Being in the country that provides most of our merchandise, we could not skip paying a visit to one of our factories.  Now you can also see how our products are carefully handcrafted by Peruvian locals. Probably from fleece of one of the alpacas we met in the streets! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

So Cosy factory

The gorgeous lands of Peru stole a bit of our hearts, making it impossible not to want to come back. Hope it will be soon!

And as always, thanks for stopping by.