Your summer project: Wool wall art

Wool decor

We embrace wool in all its wonderful forms! Thanks to this hugely versatile material, you really can be as creative as you like. In fact, your passion for using wool within the home can go beyond investing in our collection of wool blankets, bedspreads and cushions – although we’d of course recommend that too!

If you’re looking to take your love of wool to a whole other level to decorate your home in the most delightfully tactile way, you’ll want to make wool wall art your summer project.

Why everyone should use wool as art

Wool is more than just a material that can provide an impressive amount of coverage and cosiness from season to season. It can adorn your walls as well as sofas, chairs and beds to ensure a look that’s uniquely you.

Adding woollen wall art to your home is another great way to incorporate this wonderful fibre into your interior. Creating your own eco-friendly masterpiece is a fantastic idea for so many reasons. In addition to being handmade and one-of-a-kind, it’ll complement that feeling of hygge and homeliness that everyone aspires to create in their own personal space.

Wool wall art is a joy to look at and a delight to touch, meaning you can excite all the senses with your own large- or small-scale installation. Whether using wool felting as your method of choice or on-trend punch needling, you can start your dream weaving project in the comfort of your own home.

Nourish your body, mind and home

Launching your own creative wool wall art project isn’t just a fantastic way to pass the time, especially on those rainy-sunny days. It’s beneficial for your mental wellbeing too! We’ll let Pat Pillai, co-founder of the collaborative yarn art project Neural Knitworks, explain more:

“The meditative effect of knitting is thought to reduce stress. Concentrating on so many things at once keeps you engaged and focussed on the here and now, and can induce a state of flow, similar to that achieved in meditation. This reduces blood pressure and promotes breathing, blocking negative thoughts.”

Various wool in a basket

Weaving your own wall art – our top tips

If you’re new to the wool wall art scene, start simple. Creating a tapestry is a surprisingly easy way to unleash your creativity with wool. All you need is a loom (which can be shop-bought or DIY), strong twine (known officially as ‘warp’), wool fibres (preferably 12-ply), and scissors to get cracking.

You’ll wrap the warp around the loom first. Start by tying the end of this twine to the lowest rung of the loom, and work your way up and down. The distance between each layer of warp is up to you and will vary depending on your desired tapestry design.

Once your warp is complete and has been tightened and secured, you can knot your base. If you want to incorporate a fringe, it’s recommended you use a row of RYA knots at the bottom to create this effect. You can then continue your tapestry using the tabby weaving technique, as well as other effects like the cut pile carpet, soumak, single tabby and double tabby to add different textures and colours.

When your loom is filled, finish with a final row of double half-hitch knots, before cutting your wall art from the loom and hanging. You can use a macramé knot, rod, stick, or length of copper or aluminium to mount your wool wall art.

Love wool but don’t have the time to get arty?

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