Fresh & fabulous – the breathable fibres to rely on this season

Summer is perfect for breathable fibres

The great British weather really has left us feeling a little spoilt in recent weeks. Whilst we don’t know for sure how long these beautiful blue-sky days will last, we’re relishing every minute of sunshine! As temperatures rise, staying fresh and fabulous will certainly be on your agenda. But which fibres keep you cooler for longer?

Read on to discover the best breathable fibres to turn to this season, whether you’re bound for the beach or soaking up those rays in your own backyard.


We’ll start off our rundown with the best-known breathable fibre that people call on during the warmer months. Despite its all-natural, recyclable and biodegradable status, however, cotton production is more often than not very unsustainable as Eco Consensus reveals:

“Over the 20th Century, the insatiable desire for new consumer goods grew and this demand has placed an increasing strain on the environment. Cotton farmers and producers turned to a variety of practices to help keep up with the demand, unfortunately, many of these practices have proven to be extremely environmentally damaging.”

Widespread pesticide use, intensive water usage and human exploitation have all been synonymous with the cotton industry during both the past and present, which means, if you’re looking for a breathable material that’s kind to the planet and its people, this fibre is best avoided.


Linen couldn’t be more different when it comes to its eco-friendliness. As well as being more breathable and moisture-wicking, it’s 2 to 3 times stronger than cotton. These qualities not only make linen a top choice for the eco-conscious buyer looking to stay fresh and cool at the hottest times of the year but the ideal material for an all-year-round bedspread.

Whether used as a bedspread, a throw or everyday clothing, there’s a lot to love. Linen is soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial, low maintenance, breathable, absorbent, and even looks and feels better after every wash!

Fresh fibres


Wool for summer? Yes, you read it right! Wool is in fact a year-round material thanks to its naturally temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking characteristics. When used as a throw, scarf or shawl, it’s also a versatile, lightweight cover-up that can be wrapped around the body in an instant when you need it most.

Merino wool in particular is lauded for its breathable, comfortable, and odour neutralising and resistant qualities. These are just some of the reasons why it features so heavily in our range, even as the sole material for our hand-knitted hiking socks! When used elsewhere, Merino wool’s extraordinary ability to offer natural sun protection is also well worth mentioning.

All wool types are naturally breathable, making garments and home accessories less clingy and more comfortable as temperatures climb.

Now your wardrobe is sorted with the sensational, seasonally inspired fibres that keep you cool from day to day, it’s time to get your home summer ready. Check out the home trends that should be on your radar this season.