The best gifts for everybody

The best gifts for everybody

Want to get your gift shopping done for the year ahead? All special occasions can be catered for at So Cosy. We use Merino wool, Gotland wool, New Zealand wool, Peruvian baby alpaca wool, Mongolian cashmere, organic jute, and linen to craft a range of luxurious and super sustainable products.

Our range is so comprehensive, we’re confident you’ll find a gift for the most discerning recipient, whatever the occasion. Let us take you through the best gifts for everybody below.

For the happy couple

If you’re attending a wedding soon, get the happy couple a gift that they can treasure forever. Our stylish Carnival rug will be a great addition to the newlywed’s home. Its colourful, durable, and timeless design means it can be used to furnish their property for years to come, regardless of what’s in or out on the interior design scene.

Made from organic jute, this rug is soft, hardwearing, and ideal for the kitchen, hallway or living room.

For your special someone

Whether you’re celebrating your first, fifth or 31st anniversary, marking this milestone with a great gift is the way to go.

Wrap your partner in a product made with pure love by choosing a throw from our Sidney range. Its blend of alpaca wool and Merino wool makes it the softest and cosiest home accessory around.

Our Sidney throws are available in navy, deep red and white. Each sports a stylish pattern that’ll look great in traditional or modern home settings.

Gift bag

For the birthday girl or boy

Home is where the heart is, so any birthday girl or boy will appreciate a gift that’ll add a cosy touch to their bedroom or living area.

Our selection of cushions are woven using the highest grade wool. With a range of designs to choose from, you can discover a look that will perfectly complement a favourite reading corner or lovingly worn sofa.

For your boss

Add a vibrant twist to workwear and get in your boss’ good books by choosing our chic Toni scarf. Our Toni scarves are available in a number of colours so you can find a shade that suits your boss’ individual style.

Each Toni scarf is expertly woven using 100% baby alpaca wool. Baby alpaca fleeces are considered the crème de la crème of the alpaca wool world as OverBlog details:

“According to Big Sky Fishing, the term refers ‘to a type of alpaca fibre that is rare. It does not mean the fibre was taken from a baby (young) alpaca!’

Baby alpaca is wool obtained from the first shearing and is considered the most valuable. Just as virgin olive oil from the very first pressing is considered the best, so is the wool from the first shearing.”


For your nearest and dearest

If you have a family occasion coming up, show your family member just how much you care with a Florence blanket.

This blanket may look like linen but it’s actually super-fine Merino wool, which has been carefully woven in one of the oldest mills in Italy. As well as sporting a timeless look in a neutral shade, the

Florence blanket is great for all-year-round use. As a result, your family member will get plenty of wear from it, with its natural temperature regulating qualities able to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

For the traveller in your life

People who love travelling needn’t miss out on a woolly gift. Merino wool is a great choice for lovers of the great outdoors, and is often used as the base layer of activewear.

Merino wool is breathable, lightweight and sun protective. It’s also an excellent insulator and is able to adapt to different temperatures allowing the wearer to take on any environment comfortably.

If that special someone in your life is more of a day-tripper than an extreme adventurer, check out our range of outdoor products. Our picnic fold aways and roll-ups are must-haves for those days out.

Still shopping? Browse our complete range to find the perfect gift for an upcoming occasion or treat yourself!

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