5 refreshing summer drinks to wet your whistle

Staying hydrated during the summer

Staying hydrated is important at any time of the year. Come summer as temperatures soar, getting those eight glasses of fluids a day becomes even more of a priority as the Mayo Clinic details:

“Staying hydrated during the warm summer months is an important part of enjoying the season. Whether your plans include more walks or bicycle rides, soaking up the sun, or taking that long-awaited vacation, make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated. This is necessary as it will keep your body—and mind—functioning at its best.”

Staying hydrated and thoroughly refreshed all summer long however doesn’t have to be boring, especially if you’re planning a garden soirée or two.

1. The lemon basil spritzer

Nothing says “summer” like the lovely, zingy taste of lemons, that’s why we think you’ll love this classic mocktail with a twist. This lemon basil spritzer recipe from The Organic Kitchen is certain to be a crowd-pleaser at your upcoming garden party.

The perfect mix of sour and savoury, it’s also low carb and super easy to make. Simply muddle together your basil and lemon before adding your sugar syrup (or a suitable alternative) and sparkling water.

2. The rhubarb rumba

Rhubarb may be in season all year round in the UK, but it tastes its very best right about now. Use it well by whipping up this British-inspired Bellini.

The rhubarb rumba from Jamie Oliver is seasonal, fruity and celebratory, making it perfect for a picnic or a summer evening in your own backyard. With just a stick of rhubarb, 1 teaspoon of sugar, rhubarb syrup or cordial, and chilled prosecco, you can create a truly showstopping cocktail.

3. The frozen watermelon margarita

Enjoy an instant refresh on the hottest of summer days with this frozen watermelon margarita recipe from BBC Good Food.

In comparison to the previously mentioned summer drinks, it is an elaborate recipe yet the beauty of this tipple is that you can start your prep the night before your big summer event. We’re sure you’ll agree that the taste of this beautiful summer cocktail is well worth the effort!

refreshing drinks

4. The hibiscus and kombucha sparkling mocktail

For a summer drink that wouldn’t be out of place on some far-flung, tropical beach, try this hibiscus and kombucha sparkling mocktail from Delicious Magazine. Despite its exotic ingredients, this soon-to-be summer favourite is surprisingly simple to put together. All you need is 10 minutes to prepare a delightful drink for your guests.

5. The chilli, lime and pineapple soda

Offering a summer drink with added punch, this chilli, lime and pineapple soda recipe from Bon Appétit is certain to tickle those taste buds. With its chillies, limes and pink peppercorns, you may think that this drink isn’t for the faint-hearted. The chillies and peppercorns however offer flavour not heat so it just might surprise you!

Don’t have dried chillies to hand? Use serrano peppers or jalapeños as an equally spicy substitute.

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Image: Look Studio, Susanna Juers / Shutterstock.com