5 ways to update your garden space this season

Updating garden spaces

With the weather getting warmer, many of us are looking forward to spending more time outdoors. You don’t need to head out on a hike to enjoy the best of the natural world during the most blooming beautiful season of them all, however.

Your garden provides the perfect backdrop for sampling the delights of spring. Come the warmer months, with the right updates, it can become an extension of your living space too.

Nothing says springtime renewal like a garden makeover! Get your garden ready for use after the long autumn and winter months, with the following five updates – and there’s no hard graft or heavy lifting required!

1. Light up your garden

Lighting is just as important in the garden as it is within the home. The right lighting can transform your backyard into a sanctuary that can be used after dark making the space more usable, beautiful and welcoming as a whole.

Gardeningetc shares their advice for using lighting to enhance the ambience of your garden:

“Ambient lighting, such as our stunning festoon light ideas, are all about adding atmosphere, introducing pools of soft, warm light into the blackness to encourage guests to linger, relax and unwind. Wall lights with broad beams of light or dual directions will wash the walls with light, while uplighters softened by foliage will cast a warm, cosy glow, perfect behind seating and for lifting, gloomy corners.”

Lighting can also be used to create zones and highlight specific features that make your garden a fantastic place to spend time from season to season.

2. Just add colour

With the Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Viva Magenta’, 2023 gardening trends are looking more vibrant than ever.

Update your space by adding a pop of colour. You can of course do this with some carefully selected planting or add painted items like wall panels and pallets to inject colour in an entirely different way. Everything counts!

Outdoors decor3. Diversify your seating

Every entertaining space needs seating, but why have just one seating area when you could have many? Zoned spaces remain huge news on the garden design scene, and for good reason.

With zoning, you can make smaller (and larger) green spaces look and feel bigger, as well as give purpose to the most underused areas of your garden. It can also make outdoor areas feel more organised and provide an opportunity to really make the most of every inch of your space.

When incorporating seating, explore all your options. Corner suites, built-in seating, benches, patio sets and even hammocks make fabulous places to relax, unwind and appreciate the beauty of the season.

4. Use vertical space wisely

Vertical spaces such as walls and fences are woefully underutilised, yet provide a blank canvas for all types of greenery. Incorporate a living wall into your garden to add character, charm and colour, and go as wild or contained as you like.

5. Throw in a few accessories

Our cosy goodies don’t just add an extra layer of warmth indoors. They can be used outdoors to wrap you and your guests in comfort so you can enjoy your new look garden with ease. Add our beautiful cushions and throws to those carefully designed seating areas and create a stunning outdoor living area in the process.