7 beautiful ways to achieve that classic, rustic French look

Rustic French look

France has a special place in our heart. Whether it’s the streets of Paris and their effortlessly cool vibe, the equally chic French Alps or a timelessly beautiful chateau in Normandy that’s the setting, the French way of living is iconic to us as it is to many of you.

With its rustic warmth and refined accents, French country décor is particularly inspiring. A comfortable, cosy, lived-in look that’s the very epitome of luxury is what characterises French interiors, and whatever your location, you can replicate this in your very own home rather simply.

Read on to discover seven ways you can achieve the classic, rustic French look this spring in no time at all!

1. Mix old with new

The French have a unique talent for combining new and old, from city centre apartments to rustic farmhouses, every type of abode can embrace homewares and schemes that celebrate the past and the present.

Interior designer Amitha Verma shares her advice on doing just that in this Architectural Digest article:

“Picture if I were a gal living in Paris in a beautiful apartment, and I’ve been collecting these beautiful antiques, silk-covered bergères, gilt lamps, and antique commodes, and then one day, I decided to move out to the countryside, buy a farmhouse, and restore it… I take all of my beautiful antiques and I mix them into this very rustic home and a lifestyle where I’m dragging my boots with mud on them inside of my home. That’s the look, all in one home.”

Hit the flea markets and antique stores to discover the second-hand superstars that can be repurposed within your French inspired home.

2. Add natural touches

Another element celebrated in French interiors is nature. Rustic wood, limewashed walls, sumptuous wools and texture-rich linens are just some of the features that are commonly found throughout the French aesthetic. The use of natural materials creates the feeling of relaxed comfort that really makes a house a home.

3. Infuse luxury

Alongside natural materials come shapely fixtures and fittings that are the very definition of luxury. Ornate details and slim profiles are musts when selecting the furniture that will adorn your French inspired scheme. Grand light fixtures also add oomph to rooms of all shapes and sizes.

4. Embrace pattern

The French interior may be classic and elegant but it’s far from plain. Pattern is a staple in French schemes. When incorporating French country patterns, keep things punchy for a more eclectic finish. Whether going soft or bold, patterns provide a playfulness that’s revered in French interiors.

Stylish blankets for rustic decor

5. Layer the loveliness

When working with the natural fibres the French love, that warm, cosy, lived-in look is all about abundance, especially when it comes to your soft furnishings. Use layering to your advantage to add character and charm to the most loved places within your home, including that love worn armchair or bed.

Whether creating your own cosy nook in just part of a room or transforming your entire home with a rustic French theme in mind, laidback layers will make all the difference.

6. Accent to perfection

Accents add flair and flavour to any decorating style, and the same applies in French interiors. Again nature plays a starring role here, but instead of reaching for the wool or linen, try something more metallic.

Copper tones are the perfect accompaniments to a chic French country kitchen for example. While gold accents can add drama to living areas or master bedrooms.

7. Don’t skip the drama

Adding drama to French interiors isn’t always a grandiose affair. Depending on your style and budget, living the French dream could be as simple as adding an ornate mirror, dramatic drapes or vintage chandelier to the mix.

When adding the grander touches, find a balance between effortless and elegant that works for you and your own personal preferences.