Teak root wood – what makes it so sustainable?

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Discover more about teak root wood, how it’s eco-friendly and why we love using it for our homeware range…

There are many eco-friendly materials that have the potential to reduce your carbon footprint and effectively change your life for the better, and we’re so proud to stock a long list of these right here at So Cosy. We use several natural, organic, ethical, biodegradable and renewable fibres to create the cosy pieces that make our home and yours.

Alongside our alpaca wool, cashmere, pure new wool, merino wool, jute, linen and mohair creations, you’ll find an environmentally friendly superstar that you may not be so familiar with…

Introducing teak root wood

Teak root wood is a reclaimed material that’s 100% natural and eco-friendly. Its earthy, rustic colour and dense grain mean it goes down a treat when accessorising both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Our handcrafted teak root wood spoons, plates and trays are joys to use and truly beautiful to look at. The wood itself is of the highest quality, whilst the finished product ensures a kitchen accessory that’s bursting with character, charm and uniqueness.

The eco-benefits of teak root wood

What makes teak root wood so sustainable is where it’s sourced from. Teak is a tropical hardwood species that’s highly resistant, yet traditionally only certain parts of the teak tree are used. Start Woodworking Now explains more about the many uses of teak wood both domestically and commercially:

“Teak was initially used for shipbuilding, both for planking and for deck flooring. Given the particular characteristics of this wood, it was later also used for windows, patio furniture, furniture, floors, swimming pool edges and structures exposed to the outside. Teak can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to its high resistance to fungi, insects and chemicals, many people like to use this tropical wood for garden furniture.”

Teak root wood is harvested from the parts of the tree that would otherwise be wasted making it as sustainable as it gets.

By choosing teak root wood, you’ll be making use of a by-product found across teak plantations. You’ll also be saving trees, supporting environmentally friendly manual production methods, and enjoying durable hardwood within your home.

Dining accessories made with teak root wood

Why go reclaimed with your kitchenware

We have to admit, teak root wood is one of our favourite materials for kitchenware. Sourced from waste teak crafters in a small village in East Java, Indonesia, our teak products call upon a handcrafted, finished and original material that’ll make any kitchen the stylish and sustainable space it should be.

Going reclaimed is no doubt a fantastic way to help the planet and finetune your interior scheme. Teak root wood is also extremely easy to take care of and enjoy for the long haul. To keep your teak root wood kitchenware looking and feeling great, simply wash in mild soapy water, rinse and dry. You should avoid putting your teak root wood kitchen accessories in the dishwasher or soaking them for prolonged periods for the best results.

As time goes on, you’ll need to refinish your reclaimed teak accessories for continued protection. All you have to do is sand and apply food-safe oil with a brush or cloth – it really is that simple!

Shop our teak root wood spoons, plates and trays to discover the beauty of this reclaimed wonder for yourself.