5 ways to add cosiness to your home this winter

Winter decor ideas

At this time of year in particular, the cosiness of your home certainly matters. As the weather gets colder, the days get shorter and the evenings get darker, everyone can benefit from coming home to a truly comforting space. Christmas may be over but winter isn’t, which means there’s still time to create that cosy comfort we all need at the bleakest time of year.

Read on to discover five ways to add cosiness to your home this winter and create a space that’s warm and welcoming, even if the weather outside isn’t!

1. Pick your colour

Whether opting for a spot of Danish hygge or Swedish mys, creating a cosy oasis within your home is a matter of finding a colour palette that’s soothing to you. When we think calm, our brains automatically wander to blue tones. Yet, whilst relaxing, blue colours can be cold. Red on the other hand may be warm but it can also evoke feelings of stress and intensity for some.

Going for neutrals and adding pops of your favourite colours however could provide the answer as Homes and Gardens details:

“Decorating with neutrals is a great idea for living room colour schemes, for example, rich, sandy neutrals such as tans or caramels add a rich touch of luxury as well as calmness to a space. ‘This shade instantly makes a room feel grounded,’ explains Natasha Bradley, director of interior design at Lick. ‘If you’re looking to decorate a whole room in this colour, I’d suggest the addition of a black accent somewhere within to tie it all together,”

2. Forget the formalities

Crafting a space that you can literally sink into and feel your calmest is the call of the day, which means you can skip the formalities.

While a formal living room is certain to impress visitors, it is far from practical or comfortable. Concentrate on satisfying yourself rather than crossing off the latest interior trends to ensure a satisfying spot you can truly veg out in.

Christmas tree

3. Think lighting

Lighting is all kinds of powerful, and when used correctly, it can have a dramatic and hugely positive impact on any space. If adding cosiness is your main agenda, you’ll want to focus on the use of ambient light within the room. It’s the key to ensuring a welcoming atmosphere, and delivering a sense of warmth and depth that really feels like home.

4. Texturise your space

From the floor upwards, texture is crucial. Use a rug to provide a sumptuously soft and satisfying underfoot experience, before layering up your furniture with soft furnishings like throws, blankets and cushions.

When choosing your soft furnishings, let nature in. Natural materials like wool or linen work wonders not just in winter but all year round, delivering unbeatable softness and comfort that can be relied on when the weather is at its coldest or warmest. They’re also long lasting and kind to the planet.

5. Introduce nature

Bringing the outdoors in extends to more than just your choice of soft furnishings. Natural touches – such as houseplants and foraged items like pinecones and logs – can have a surprisingly cosy and calming effect.

Houseplants actually purify the air to lower stress and boost relaxation, and it’ll all help to soften the space leaving you to enjoy your interior even more.