The art of taking things slow

Slow living

Slow living is no new thing, yet as we move out of the lull that is that period between Christmas and New Year, and into the chaos of 2024, discovering how to slow down and enjoy your every day at a pace you’re happy with is back on the agenda.

The pursuit of a healthier lifestyle is always a hot topic at this time of year, with more than half of those making resolutions focusing on improving their health and fitness. Whether you choose to make resolutions or not, the pursuit of happiness is even more important. That’s where slow living principles come in.

In this blog post, we reveal the rules of slowing down and enjoying your life to the full and in the present.

Understand the true meaning of slow-living

With the right understanding and a more relaxed, leisurely approach to life, living in the slower lane has the power to change your life for the better. With slow living, you’re replacing the stressful and chaotic routines we all slip into with balance and moments of calm to get so much more out of life.

Slow living unlocks many, many plus-points for people from all walks of life. You can effectively slow down to speed up, with simplified rituals enabling you to enhance mindfulness and focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and enjoy an improved work-life balance. Slower living has also been linked to better health and wellbeing as Byrdie explains:

“More happiness, peace, and joy are at the top of the slow living benefits list. Kim says that a critical component of slow living is removing stress from your life, which provides a range of mental and physical benefits, including better sleep, improved digestion, elevated mood, reduced muscle tension, less anxiety, and lower blood pressure. Slow living also benefits spiritual wellbeing.”

Learn to live life in the present

In today’s ambitious society, it’s all too easy to dwell on past experiences and what we could have done better, and focus on how we can build a better future. Living more in the present and enjoying those everyday moments that help us savour what we’ve got is however important.

Whether you live by a strict schedule or not, making time for mindfulness, meditation and appreciation in your daily life will help you live at a slower pace and get things done. With slow living, the trick is to savour the moments, not count them, and the world will look even more beautiful for it.

Keep things as simple as possible

While you of course can’t avoid all obligations, stripping your schedule back to the bare necessities is a great way to embrace the simplicity that unlocks the many benefits of slow living mentioned above.

Life today has become all about living excessively. Yet by taking things back to basics, you can make space for what’s really important, nurture those connections with loved ones, and live life more meaningfully.

Create a space for slower living

Home is certainly where the heart is, and as your own personal space, finetuning your décor with your slow living ambitions in mind is crucial. Think of your home as your nest, and create a safe haven and plenty of cosy nooks where you can escape from the world, refresh yourself and recharge.

Embrace a mixture of natural and soft lighting, create a feeling of warmth that lifts the mood after a long day, and add the cosy, natural furnishings that keep you connected with the world around you.

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