Linen or wool: which is the right bedspread for me?

Here at So Cosy, we craft and supply a wide range of beautiful bedspreads made from the finest, cosiest fibres. As well as being generously sized and stunningly designed, our extra large bedspreads make the heart of the home even sweeter, with the bedrooms they frequent transformed into comforting, calming, ultra-relaxing havens.

You can choose from 100% linen, 100% extra fine merino wool or 100% undyed pure new wool bedspreads by exploring our carefully curated, lovingly crafted collection, but is a wool bedspread or linen design the right choice for you?

Here we share the benefits of both so you can see out winter in the happiest warmth within your very own home.

The benefits of linen bedding

As one of the most sustainable and biodegradable fibres on the planet, linen is a popular choice amongst people looking to take an eco-friendly approach to accessorise their homes. Linen has been the material of choice for many cultures around the world for centuries. Ancient Egyptians even used linen as currency and battle armour due to its highly prized, naturally occurring durability!

The same durability and sustainability make it the perfect choice for bedding in the modern day. Its hygroscopic qualities also make it resistant to moisture, which means it dries quickly after washing and keeps you cool and comfortable from season to season.

Its ability to lock in warmth in the winter and prevent overheating at the hottest times of the year is also applauded. Linen bedspreads naturally regulate temperature to prepare your body for sleep whatever the weather outside. Linen is a great option for sufferers of asthma, eczema and allergies too.

Light coloured bed

The wonders of wool bedspreads

Wool is also well known for its temperature-regulating nature and hypoallergenic qualities. This equally sustainable and comfortably soft bedding option will help you sleep more soundly this season and every season after. Wool bedding and blankets are built to last, with fibres strong and durable by nature.

Many wool bedspreads are machine washable, making them a pleasure and not a chore to take care of. Wool and wellness really do go hand-in-hand, with the addition of wool bedding helping you live more naturally, sleep much better, stress less, and even stay active when worn as clothing or accessories during the cooler months.

Wool is extremely skin friendly too. Our extra fine merino wool bedspreads are particularly great for those looking to feel cosy both inside and out as International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) explains:

“Most wool items intended for close contact, such as blankets, sleepwear and other bedding products, use soft wools such as Merino… ASL found that suitably selected superfine Merino products are healthy for the skin, especially for those with the most sensitive skin. This is because Superfine Merino wool fibres bend easily, causing minimal or no skin irritation.”

Which is right for me?

Whilst most people will interchange between a wool bedspread and a linen bedspread to find all-year-round comfort and sleep quality – we’re certainly of the mindset that you shouldn’t have to choose between wool and linen when you can have both! – the temperature-regulating nature of both of these fantastic fibres means either a wool or linen bedspread will serve you well on the hottest and coldest nights of the year.

With both fibres being kind to the skin, a wool or linen bedspread is an excellent option, so your choice really does come down to preference.

Shop our stunning linen and wool bedspreads today to find the perfect bedding for winter and beyond.