Veganuary recipes everyone should try

Veganuary ideas

More and more people are choosing to give the vegan lifestyle a go. Whether it’s just for one night a week or an entire month, many rewards can be reaped by becoming a part- or full-time vegan, a fact that’s making Veganuary a particularly popular movement.

Veganuary inspired more than 500,000 people to try vegan last year. It also brought hundreds of new vegan products, menu options and recipes to the market. But can going vegan for a month really change your life?

The Vegan Warriors Library certainly makes a great case for being vegan during January and beyond:

“You will start feeling good. Perform well. And have a healthier prospect of life. No longer would you need those vitamin and mineral supplements. People who opt for vegans are in no need for these supplements. If you are afraid of not keeping up. Try it for one month. We are sure, you will never want to go back. Going vegan also decreases food cravings as well. Your skin will radiate with a natural glow. Your whole life will be revolutionized.”

Going vegan, especially if you’re a full-time meat-eater isn’t easy, but with the following recipes, you can make that transition simple and absolutely delicious!

For sharing with friends

If you’re throwing a dinner party or entertaining loved ones at an event this January, share the yumminess of vegan food with your guests courtesy of this incredible dish.

These cauliflower hot wings from Vegan Heaven – complete with homemade, vegan aioli – are the perfect mix of spice and comfort. They’re also super healthy and made for sharing. Keep hold of this recipe for spring and summer too, it’s the perfect sharer for a vegan BBQ.

For cheese lovers

For many people going vegan isn’t just about giving up meat. Saying “goodbye” to dairy products like cheese, milk and butter is often much more difficult for those looking to go vegan for the month.

Thankfully, you can indulge your love of cheese without falling off the wagon with this butternut squash stuffed shells recipe from Love & Lemons.

This creamy, tangy, delectable dish uses light, dairy-free ricotta along with cashew cream and crumbled tofu to deliver a rich and flavoursome dish that’s guaranteed to be a family favourite long after Veganuary is over.

Vegan jambalaya

For something spicy

Enjoy comfort with a kick thanks to this vegan jambalaya from BBC Good Food. This dish is great for keeping those winter chills at bay. The one-pot recipe also ensures a quick, easy and healthy alternative to that midweek takeaway.

Vegan jambalaya is packed with veggies too, giving you all five of your five-a-day as well as plenty of iron, vitamin C and fibre to keep your body fighting fit, even in the face of seasonal colds and flu.

For that sweet tooth

Going vegan doesn’t mean missing out on those sweeter treats. In fact, there’s endless inspiration online for vegan treats and many of them are so simple to make.

This wholewheat maple cinnamon buns recipe from Jamie Oliver is one of the best in our opinion and it’s fun to bake too.

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