How to use grey (the right way) in your home

Using grey in the home

Grey is a timelessly classic shade that’s the perfect fit for both modern and traditional interiors. As a colour choice that has been on trend again and again, however, many home improvers may be tired of relying on this versatile tone. But breathing new life into this forever fashionable shade is possible with our top tips!

Read on to discover why you should use grey to decorate your home interior and how to add the colour the right way from room to room.

Why decorate and accessorise the grey way?

Grey is one colour that has been on trend for several years but rather than growing tired of this ever-relevant shade, avid interior enthusiasts are using grey in different ways to deliver inspired schemes that suit their styles.

Grey is a great choice for any room in the home. The sheer range of grey shades available now means you can choose from cool and warm tones to get the grey colouring you desire.

Cool and warm tones work better in different rooms. Cool greys are great for bathrooms, formal living spaces and dining areas providing that calm sophistication that’s fresh, functional and elegant. They can however feel cold and utilitarian, meaning they should be avoided and switched with warm grey tones if you’re looking to make your bedroom a sanctuary for sleep or spruce up a family room.

Grey decor examples

What a grey interior says about you

There’s a bit of psychology behind each and every one of the colour choices you make at home. Using grey to decorate your interiors carries its own meaning as colour expert and consultant Karen Haller details:

“Grey is the only colour that doesn’t have any positive psychological properties. Grey is the colour to wear when you don’t want to be seen, ‘cloaking the personality’. It can convey seriousness and the message ‘I mean business’.”

Despite the negative psychological connotations associated with the use of grey in interiors, it is no doubt a great colour choice for those looking to stay on trend in a neutral way. Even for dedicated followers of interior design fads, grey represents a shade that stays looking classy and chic whatever the season.

Our top tips for using grey in your home

To ensure your use of grey inspires positivity and warmth, it’s important to apply it in the right way and in all the right places.

The use of texture is vital when incorporating grey tones into your home and that’s why our all-natural, grey home accessories work wonders in any space. Go cosy and rustic by adding our Soft Grey Derry Cushion to your home to enjoy texture, a touch of grey, and plenty of styles. Alternatively, keep things light and bright by furnishing a minimalist interior with our brand-new Silver Grey Enya Blanket. As you’ll discover, grey and white make for a striking combination.

As well as accessorising with tactile, grey pieces, mid-grey tones provide a fantastic base colour to add pops of vibrancy to your home furnishings. Dark greys can also be used to add cosiness and drama to larger rooms that could benefit from a more intimate colour palette.

Teaming grey tones with rustic, wooden touches is another great option for exuding charm and character within the home. Our stunningly crafted spoons, plates and trays provide shapely organics in earthy tones courtesy of reclaimed wood and artisan techniques. These handcrafted accessories look fabulous in grey kitchens and dining areas.

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