How often do you change your bedding?

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With a recent study revealing that most single men change their bed on average every 4 months, it’s very clear that there are some discrepancies regarding how often everyone should change their bedding. So, how often should you refresh your bedspread? Here we clear things up once and for all!

The importance of refreshing your bedding

Everyone should have access to fresh, clean and comfortable bedding, with the regularity of our laundry habits one of the primary ways we can all achieve just that.

Sweat, skin, hair, oil and saliva are all left behind after a good night’s sleep. Regular cleaning ensures your bed sheets, bedspreads, pillows, comforters and quilts are free from excess dust mites, bacteria and odour.

Washing frequently will also help your bedding last longer and feel more comfortable. For individuals who suffer from allergies, washing bedding in a good quality hypoallergenic laundry detergent will keep those pesky symptoms at bay.

The facts on washing frequency

Bedding, whatever its quality or material, can get very dirty, very fast. With this in mind, you should wash and change your bedding (including your pillowcases) at least once a week to keep your bed sheets as fresh as they should be.

If you fall ill, upping this frequency will kill the germs that cause reinfection to ensure you get back to full health in no time at all. If you sweat excessively, have pets, or suffer from allergies, washing your bedding more often is advisable.

For the pillows and duvets within, washing can be more infrequent. Here the American Sleep Association offers their advice on how often you should wash your pillows:

“Because they’re tucked into pillowcases, pillows are often forgotten when it comes to laundering bedding. Unfortunately, they can still trap dirt, dust mites and other unwanted allergens. Most synthetic pillows are machine washable and should be washed at least twice a year. They can be laundered with regular detergent on the hottest wash cycle and dried in your dryer on the highest heat setting.”

Washing bedding can of course be a real chore, that’s why we recommend having two sets of bedding available for regular interchanging and washing.

Bedding tips and advice

The joys of linen bedding

Looking to do less laundry? Switching poor-quality, synthetic bed sheets for a premium linen bedspread may just provide the answer.

There are countless benefits to sleeping on linen. This trans-seasonal bedding solution doesn’t just look and feel great, with an appearance and texture that only gets better with age. It is temperature regulating, anti-static, absorbent, sustainable, long-lasting, antibacterial, and naturally insulating. It is also extremely easy to care for, with all our linen bedspreads machine washable and quick drying.

Whilst your linen bedding should be washed regularly, its qualities pave the way for a cleaner, more comfortable sleep from season to season.

Discover more top tips for taking care of linen or shop our linen bedspreads today to enjoy this lovely fibre in your very own home.