More ways to love jute in your very own home

Now is the perfect time to rethink your home décor and invest in stunning homeware products that will look great and stand the test of time. Jute unlocks a long list of fantastic benefits for your home, interior design scheme, budget, and not to mention the planet.

Purchasing jute is also a great way to say a big, fat “no” to mass production and support a small business like us during this difficult time as the whole country recovers from the Covid-19.

After recently revealing the world’s (and our own) longtime love of jute and the many benefits that go hand-in-hand with this popular material choice, we’re back to detail exactly how this beautiful, versatile, and all-natural fibre can be used in your very own home.

Enjoy more than just storage solutions

Our jute baskets are a wonderful addition to any home, particularly if your aim for lockdown was to get more organised! Strong, attractive, and built to last, jute baskets can be used to store (or hoard) all manner of things.

Our jute baskets are so much more than handy storage solutions to hide away personal belongings in cupboards and under beds however.

Baskets can be used to hold and display fruits, vegetables, pantry items, logs, flowers, and indoor plants. Messy playrooms can be organised with a soft to the touch yet sturdy jute toy basket, while dirty washing can be stylishly stowed in the run up to laundry day.

Our 100% organic, naturally beautiful jute baskets sport utterly unique and charming patterns that deserve to be centre stage. Use your jute baskets to line your stairs and provide an easy clutter controller and a stunning home design piece in one fell swoop.

Make a feature of seemingly mundane items (such as recycled bottles, remote controls or loo roll) by displaying them in your jute baskets. Blank walls can also be given texture and use courtesy of handled jute designs as Bob Vila explains:

“Put your blank walls to good storage use by hanging baskets to keep you—and your entire family—well organized. If you’re providing them for your kids, be sure to hang the baskets at a height that’s easily reached, and consider personalizing each one to help your kids keep their stuff straight.”

Whatever your colour scheme, these designs provide a timeless beauty that is always bang on trend.

Their durable nature means they’re with you for the long haul and will make your home look and feel great for years to come.

Get creative with jute rugs

Our jute rugs can add texture and warmth to any living space. They make hardwearing, beautiful additions to high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, utility and boot rooms, and playrooms.

Your floors aren’t the only thing that will benefit from a jute injection! Jute runners can be used on stairs to provide a soft, textural, and interesting finish. Blank walls can be decorated in style with the most fabulous colours and patterns thanks to a carefully placed jute rug.

As well as making a bold statement, you’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind, truly unforgettable piece of wall art. As an entirely natural fibre, no two jute rugs are exactly the same and these imperfections only add to their charm.

A little advice for jute rug owners… whether you decide to use your jute rug in the traditional way or creatively decorate your walls and stairs with it, and treat it with the care and love it deserves.

Jute rugs should be treated like carpets and vacuumed regularly. A gentle clean with soap and water also won’t go amiss from time to time. Remember to keep it out of direct sunlight to limit natural fading. Don’t forget, you can use both sides to ensure even wear.

Add a few colourful finishing touches

Every part of your home can be touched by the magic of jute, and this goes for your dining room table too. Jute placemats add a colourful finishing touch to dining room tables, and thanks to their hardwearing nature that’s just one of the ways you can use jute placements within your home.

Keep your pets happy by using your jute placemat as a pet bowl mat, use them to line drawers and shelves, or take them out in the garden with you this summer to cushion your knees as you tend to your veggie patch!

Our jute homewares do so much more than ‘what they say on the tin’. They’re a versatile and useful addition to every home, plus a great way to go green with your interior.

Shop our jute range to discover all their brilliant uses and benefits for yourself.