The slow fashion rules everyone should live by

Beautiful decor

As the opposite of fast fashion, slow fashion is a movement that we thoroughly support. By saying a firm “no” to the trends that stay popular for just a season or two, and investing in classically chic pieces that stand the test of time, you can do a whole lot of good! We’ll let The Knowledge Hub explain more about the advantages of slowing fashion down:

“Slow fashion is an approach to fashion that focuses on quality over quantity, sustainability, and ethical labour practices. It’s an alternative to fast fashion, which has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its low cost and convenience. Slow fashion is about buying fewer items that will last longer and are made from better materials. It’s a way to reduce waste, support ethical labour practices, and save money in the long run.”

Styling in the slower lane doesn’t just apply to your wardrobe. The planet will also benefit from you using slow fashion principles to style your home. Read on to discover the rules every slow fashion enthusiast should live by…

Buy less…

The rise of fast fashion has caused an epidemic in recent years. People’s love of cheap, mass-produced textiles has risen globally year-on-year according to the recently released Market Information Edition 17 from the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO). The same study found that, despite many individuals changing their habits, the purchase of oil-based synthetics that fast fashion relies on will continue to increase into the future.

Together we can make the positive change that turns this troubling statistic on its head. Make your own commitment to buying less textiles and homewares to encourage the growth of slow fashion.

…and better

Wool is the obvious choice when buying better products that last a lifetime (or longer). Wool items are also low maintenance, which means you can take care of the planet and enjoy a beautiful, natural product with very little effort at all.

Read the label

Whilst many people think an investment in slow fashion means a massive amount of knowledge and lots more research, finding and buying a good quality piece that ticks all the right boxes is as simple as checking the label.

Always read the label to ensure that you are getting exactly what you pay for, i.e. a pure and natural product that will preserve the environment, not pollute it.

Go circular

What goes around comes around, and this is certainly true in the fashion world. Whether styling an outfit or your interior, chances are even the newest trend was once popular in some form during another era.

By thinking circularly with every purchase you make for your home, you can choose timeless items that will keep your interior looking and feeling stylish for the long haul. With this, you’ll need to buy less to impress in the style stakes, which means less will need to be made and wasted.

Choose natural

For us, the choice between natural and man-made materials is pretty clear-cut. Natural fibres are the best option for so many reasons. They not only look and feel better than synthetic alternatives but last much, much longer. Thanks to their biodegradable, ethical and eco-friendly nature, they’re also great for the planet, unlike the tonnes of synthetic materials currently clogging up our landfills.

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