7 eco-friendly fibres that could change your life

Angora goats

Letting nature inspire your home is one mantra we live our lives by. The natural world is after all home to some unforgettable fibres, each of which can be used to add a timeless look and truly sumptuous feel to any space.

The So Cosy collection shares nature at its finest. Our luxurious, sustainable and ethical homewares provide long-lasting comfort, elegance and eco-friendliness in abundance without compromising on style.

Here we share our rundown of just some of the all-natural, sustainable fibres we are proud to work with and reveal their benefits for the home and your wellbeing.

1. Alpaca wool

Sourced from a creature that is just as charming, gentle and loveable as the handcrafted throws and blankets they help create, alpaca wool is considered one of the most beautiful and softest fibres in nature.

Soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, exceedingly warm and super lightweight, our alpaca wool accessories are made for the modern-day home. They’re very easy to maintain too, with minimal pilling, durability and natural dirt repellence coming as standard with these beautiful fleeces.

We can’t mention alpaca wool without giving a nod to our baby alpaca creations. Baby alpaca wool is different from alpaca wool; collected from the very first shearing from the underside of the neck and chest, this fibre really is the best of the best.

2. Cashmere

Mountain goats

Sourced from the Kashmir goat, cashmere goes one step further than alpaca wool in terms of its softness. It’s also naturally beautiful and extra gentle on the skin so if you have sensitive skin, this fibre won’t let you down.

Its temperature-regulating nature ensures it can be enjoyed and well-loved all year round, with its high moisture content revered from spring and summer to autumn and winter.

3. Pure new wool

Pure new wool is exactly that – pure. This fibre hasn’t been treated, processed or woven before to preserve its amazing and very long list of qualities.

As well as being sumptuously soft, pure new wool is extra protective, insulating, breathable, durable, flexible, and stain and static-resistant. Our pure new wool creations are also Woolmark certified to guarantee the very highest standards.

4. Merino wool

Sheep in the sun

Now popularly used as activewear, merino wool is certainly proving its versatility. This wonder fibre also unlocks several benefits for your health and wellbeing as Woolmark details:

“A natural fibre, wool has a great story to tell, with its eco-credentials propelling the fibre into the health and wellbeing industries. Science is showing that wool bedding and sleepwear appear to promote a better night’s sleep, and medical studies reveal the wellbeing benefits of superfine Merino wool, particularly for eczema sufferers.”

Did we mention that merino wool is 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable, temperature regulating, insulating, odour resistant, soft, safe, and made for layering too?

5. Jute

Our love of jute knows no bounds. That’s why we regularly use it throughout our collection of homewares and accessories.

The jute plant is quite miraculous, with its biodegradable, highly sustainable, renewable, fertiliser- and pesticide-free, pollution-reducing and air-cleansing nature simply incredible. It’s also versatile, stylish, durable and surprisingly soft to boot.

6. Linen

Flax plant

Linen is another beautiful fibre that you’ll see across the So Cosy range. It’s well known for its breathability and hypoallergenic qualities, which makes it the perfect sleeping companion. Its silky soft texture is also super easy to maintain, providing durability that will last a lifetime with minimal care.

7. Mohair

Goats enjoying the sun

Mohair wool is coming to So Cosy very, very soon in the form of some very beautiful, 100% handcrafted, extra thick blankets.

Sourced from the Angora goat, this stunning fibre is super soft, shiny, silky, durable, and extra, extra warm. Its texture may need a little special treatment to maintain, but the results (and fluffy finish) are entirely worth it.

Our love affair with natural fibres doesn’t end there. You’ll find recycled plastic, hogla, abaca, teak root wood and natural beeswax products right here at So Cosy, each of which is as eco-friendly and joyous as the last.

Explore our full range today to find out more about our fabulous fibres.