Here’s how to get a head start with your spring clean

Making the bed

The spring clean is an annual rite of passage we all love to undertake in one capacity or another. As well as offering an opportunity to refresh our homes, wardrobes or even our entire lifestyles, it’s a great way to start the season of renewal off right.

Here at So Cosy, we love a well-timed spring clean as much as anyone, but making the process as productive and uplifting as it should be isn’t easy in the midst of our busy home and work lives. Discover our top tips for completing one epic spring clean, what rewards you could reap in the process, and how your entire home could benefit from a refresh just in time for the season ahead.

The spring clean – so much more than a quick tidy up

The spring clean isn’t just an excuse to use those cleaning products that have been littering the cupboard under the sink for the best part of a year. There is a long list of advantages that go hand-in-hand with spring cleaning, plus-points that could be beneficial to your mental health and physical wellbeing.

Spring cleaning has been proven to support better immunity, reduce stress, enhance heart health, improve mood, increase productivity, and boost overall health. If all those perks don’t help you sleep better then a dose of spring cleaning will according to Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Dr Danielle Forshee:

“There’s nothing better for your productivity and health than a good night’s sleep. Well, sleeping in a tidy, uncluttered room is an excellent way to make sure you do. According to a survey from the National Sleep Foundation, 75% of people sleep better when they have clean sheets. Another interesting tidbit from the survey is that people who always make their bed enjoy more consistent sleep, too.”

Cleaning works wonders for your fitness levels too; the average person burns between 170 and 300 calories per hour when cleaning.

How to prepare for a successful spring clean

A good, old spring clean requires so much more than the right cleaning products and a can-do attitude, although that helps too! A successful spring clean relies on solid prep.

Start by visualising what your new, cleaner space will look like and make a spring cleaning to-do list to make this vision a reality. Most people start their spring cleaning plans with a declutter to prepare their space and strip away the non-essentials that simply get in the way.

Organise your spring cleaning schedule into a manageable list of tasks, separating them with milestones. Reward yourself every time you reach these milestones to help maintain motivation.

Remember you don’t have to tackle spring cleaning alone. Every member of the household can get involved and realise the benefits mentioned above for themselves. By sharing chores, you can complete your spring clean quickly and spend the rest of the season enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Natural homeware examples

Refreshing your interior for the season ahead

As the season of rejuvenation, many people choose to finish their spring clean by updating their interior, and with the right accessories, you can achieve a brand new look rather easily.

Every room in your home can be updated thanks to our collection of natural accessories and homewares. Each of our products is timelessly designed and made to last, meaning you can enjoy an elegant, beautiful finish that looks great during spring and every season after.

In the bedroom, our bedspreads bring a new look and comfort level to ensure a sanctuary for sleep.  In the dining room, you can create tablescapes made for entertaining at Easter and beyond courtesy of our jute table runners, placemats and coasters.

Show your living room some love by adorning love-worn sofas and chairs with our sumptuously soft blankets and throws and super cosy cushions for an instant pop of colour and a tactile experience for all the family. In the spirit of extending your living space out into the garden, our eco rugs provide comfort in homes and outdoor spaces alike.

Shop our full collection of all-natural homewares to discover the accessories you need to update your space for the season in an instant.

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