Our top tips for storing those winter woollies

So Cosy winter woolies

Spring is almost here, which means we’re all looking forward to living (and dressing) with fewer layers. Our winter woollies have given us the coverage we need to live out the harsher autumn and winter months in style, but now it’s time to hang up those thicker clothes and enjoy the milder weather.

Prep for spring by storing winter must-haves the right way with our essential guide.

Hit refresh before storing

As a rule of thumb, you should never store any clothing without giving it a quick refresh first. It’s so easy to wash and dry wool items. Most of our wool products are machine washable, which makes getting them ready to store so simple.

Whatever the style, use or size of your wool item, we always recommend using a delicate, wool friendly detergent for washing. Mild delicate formulas are designed to clean, nourish and hydrate natural fibres, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring a just-washed freshness when you dig them out once more come autumn.

Our delicate washes contain no bleach, optical brighteners, colourants, zeolites, phosphates or preservatives to give wool, silk and fine blends the treatment they deserve.

Our textile range contains everything wool lovers need to care for their favourite pieces, whether they need a full wash before storing or a quick spot clean to get them ready to wear.

Dry them thoroughly

Storing damp clothes is a huge no-no. Damp clothes can become breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. Ensure your wool items are dried thoroughly with these top tips from The Woolmark Company:

“After washing your wool clothes, it is recommended the garments – particularly knitwear such as sweaters – are dried flat, unless your garment’s care claim states it can be tumble dried. Wovenwear such as tailored suit pants or jackets can be hung up on a hanger and dried out of direct sunlight. Not only does air drying save on your energy and electricity bill, it’s less impactful on the environment too.”


Fold your wool

Those hanging garment bags may provide a convenient way to store items separately in your wardrobe, but they’re certainly not wool friendly.

Wool doesn’t just lose its shape when wet. Hanging wool for a long period of time can be very damaging so be sure to fold rather than hang wool garments to keep them in shape during their time in storage.

Change the way you store

If hanging storage bags aren’t the best option for wool garments, what is? There are many more storage options to explore that are wool friendly, and they’ll preserve your woollies perfectly during the seasons ahead.

Vacuum packing unlocks many plus-points, providing an airtight environment that protects the fibres within while saving tons of space. When storing wool in vacuum bags however beware of resealing. The breathable nature of wool means fibres can easily trap moisture. Don’t use vacuum bags if you plan to revisit your wool collection throughout the season.

Cloth storage bags made from cotton or wool are the best choice for storing more delicate wool garments. They allow clothes to breathe but should be lined with tissue paper to prevent snagging and yellowing. Storage bins are another great option for storing clothing. Throw in a few sachets of silica gel to keep moisture to a minimum.

Whatever way you choose to store, using cedar blocks, instead of mothballs, will keep moisture, moths and silverfish out, and keep your garments in tip-top condition.

Don’t stow away all your wool

Wool isn’t just for winter. Thanks to its breathability, wool is the perfect companion for every season, keeping you warm in winter and cool during spring and summer. With this in mind, you shouldn’t stow away all your wool garments.

Whether it’s keeping toasty on that spring hike or providing coverage on those chilly summer evenings, there are many ways to wear wool during the seasons ahead.

Image: phBodrova / Shutterstock.com