The importance of slowing down this spring

Enjoying slow living

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, living life a little slower has become more of a priority for so many. As we discovered when we were forced to spend more time at home, not everything has to be fast paced or frivolous to help you live and enjoy life to the fullest.

With the arrival of spring, and the start of the warmer weather and longer days, you may find yourself fighting the urge to speed things up again after taking things slow during autumn and winter. Nourishing a better, happier and healthier life means maintaining that momentum, even as our social lives get busier and the bustle of home life persists.

What exactly is slow living?

There are so many wonderful reasons to embrace a gentler pace in your everyday life. Whether you’re flying solo, come as a duo, or have a whole family to watch over, the benefits of slow living can be enjoyed by all, whatever the age, interests or ambitions of the individual.

Slow living isn’t about going off-grid and saying “goodbye” to modern conveniences. We’ll let Fun Loving Families explain what slow living means in the modern day:

“The slow living lifestyle is about making choices to pare down your life to what means the most to you so that you can live at a more reasonable pace. By focusing on the activities and relationships that you cherish most, you can free yourself from busyness that is just for the sake of being busy like everyone else. You learn to protect your time and make opportunities for relaxation a priority.”

Why is slow living beneficial?

By adopting slow living principles, you can enjoy your time how you want to and get so much more out of life as a result. Rather than hamper your work or wider lifestyle, slow living can enhance it. Those who practise slow living tend to be more focused, enjoy an improved work-life balance, have stronger relationships, and are healthier and happier.

Can you really live life slower?

With the right techniques, slow living isn’t impractical or unattainable, even for people with the busiest schedules. By finding stillness as often as you can this spring, you can begin to set the wheels into motion on your slow living mission. Simplicity is another key principle of slow living, and by embracing it bit-by-bit, you can make the shift to slower living a little easier and much less overwhelming.

Setting boundaries and scheduling breaks will also help you break free of the chaos of life and use your time more wisely. Even if you aim to slow down just at the weekends, you can begin to feel the benefits. It isn’t after all an option for everyone to completely change their lives and priorities overnight.

How can you slow down this spring?

Spring is the ideal time to slow down in your own personal, fast-paced world. With the pleasant weather enabling us to get back outdoors fully, practising mindfulness in our everyday and choosing slow activities is made possible and more enjoyable. Discover how to adventure smarter, not harder, during the warmer months for more tips.

With most choosing to refresh their homes during spring, slow living principles can also filter through to our shopping habits. Instead of choosing fast fashion items to furnish your home and kit out your wardrobe, follow slow fashion rules to select quality, sustainable and natural items that are timeless and can be relished for years to come.