Our top tips for sleeping soundly

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The end of summer is almost here, which means many of us will be digging our winter woollies out of storage while preparing for the wardrobe and home décor changes that leave those heatwaves far, far behind. Whilst the arrival of the autumn and winter months offers more opportunities to cosy up in our favourite wool throws and blankets, it can be a difficult transition for most.

With daylight savings ending at the end of October, many people need all the help they can get to avoid sleeplessness at this time of year. Here we share our top tips for sleeping soundly as your body clock adjusts.

Ease into seasonal change

It can take time to align your internal body clock (or circadian rhythm) with the change in time. Whilst gaining an extra hour in bed on the morning of Sunday 30th October sounds like a positive, it can throw your whole body clock out of whack to disrupt sleep for days or even weeks on end without the right preparation.

The key to sleeping more soundly is to ease into seasonal change in plenty of time as sleep expert Dr Fariha Abbasi-Feinberg recommends:

“Adjust your sleep time gradually by perhaps adjusting your bedtime and wake time by 15 minutes every day. If you can do this a few days in advance, then the night when you have to make the change tends not to be a big deal… I recommend that people look at the change of seasons as an opportunity, and say, ‘I have the chance to improve my sleep habits — let’s do it’.”

Foster healthy sleep habits

There are many steps you can take to make healthier sleep habits a part of your daily routine. Being consistent with your sleep and awake times, devising a bedtime routine that’s relaxing and restful, and limiting your caffeine and alcohol intake during those final hours of the day will all help to improve sleep quality and quantity.

You should also avoid eating lots before going to bed and switch off those electronics (including your smartphone, tablet and TV) at least one hour before bedtime to allow your body to wind down appropriately.

Create a sanctuary for sleep

Consider a bedroom makeover in your pursuit of a better night’s sleep. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for sleep, so rethink everything from its lighting to your choice of bedding.

By opting for dimmer, ambient lights, you can encourage the production of melatonin to help sleep come easier. Making sure your room has adequate ventilation will also create a cooler, calming environment for better sleep.

Your choice of bedding can make a big difference to sleep quality too! Go au naturel with your bedding by choosing a linen or wool bedspread. Linen is a great choice for better sleep – in fact, it’s one of the reasons why we love linen so much! Linen is moisture resistant, breathable, hypoallergenic, naturally antibacterial and self-cooling, all of which help to promote sleep.

Keep up the good work

Ensure your sanctuary is as sleep-inducing as it should be by keeping your bedding fresh with regular washing. By changing your bedding at least once a week, you can create a healthy, happy and more comfortable setting for sleep.

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