How to breathe new life into those tired winter woollies

vegan clothing brush

With winter far from over, you can still get some wear out of those woolly clothes, accessories and homewares during the weeks to come. Wool however isn’t just for winter; your woolly wonders can keep you cosy all year round, whatever the season. Here Campaign for Wool explains how:

“As the humidity of the surrounding air rises and falls, the fibre absorbs and releases water vapour. Heat is generated and retained during the absorption phase, which makes wool a natural insulator… Thanks to its hygroscopic abilities, wool constantly reacts to changes in body temperature, maintaining its wearer’s thermophysical comfort in both cold and warm weather.”

If you want to reap the rewards of wearing and accessorising with wool in your wardrobe and wider home from season to season, caring for wool the right way is crucial. If your wool items are already looking and feeling past their prime, however, the following tips are certain to come in handy…

Give them the brush off

Clothes brushes are great accessories for wool lovers. Whilst you have to take care when brushing more delicate fabrics, there are many advantages to using a clothes brush on a regular basis. In addition to removing dust, dirt and hair from clothes and home textiles without the hassle of washing, a clothes brush can add more bounce to wool fibres to keep them looking beautiful for longer.

By using a clothes brush instead of a tape lint roller, you won’t leave any traces of glue on your precious woollies either.

Going natural with your clothes brush is a must. Luckily, you don’t have to search too far for a premium clothes brush with natural bristles. Our Vegan Clothes Brush is 100% natural, with its oak handle, sisal bristles and cotton string of the highest quality. This plant-based alternative is durable, compact and gentle on a wide range of fabrics.

Hit refresh to restore

Wool items don’t need to be washed as often as other textiles. Overwashing your wool can diminish its quality and reduce its lifespan dramatically. Wool should be washed infrequently, aired often and spot-cleaned where necessary for the best results.

Freshening up your wool without washing is just a spritz away thanks to our Rose and Musk Fabric Spray. In addition to delivering a gentle, lasting scent that’s fresh and unforgettable, our Fabric Spray softens and nourishes the fibres deep within. It’s suitable for all textile types too, completely cruelty-free and produced by our partner Steamery in a climate-neutral factory.

Get rid of those pesky pills

Pilling is a big problem for all wool lovers; it can diminish the look and texture of your treasured items rather quickly.

Pilling can be prevented with the right washing habits – launder less, turn your garment inside out during washing and skip the fabric softener – and the right products. It can also be remedied with our ingenious Fabric Pilling Shaver.

For more top tips for preventing and removing wool pills, please read our handy guide.

Go delicate with your wool wash

Invest in a gentle detergent that has been specially formulated for use on delicate fibres like wool. Our Wool and Silk Delicate Wash is made to clean and nourish natural materials and can help to keep your wool items looking great as well as restore texture and appearance.

Using natural ingredients like lanolin and silk oil, our Delicate Wash hydrates fibres to prolong their lifespan. It contains zero bleach, optical brighteners, colourants, zeolites, phosphates or preservatives to ensure a five-star treatment that refreshes, restores and really cares.

Ready to revive your woollies for year-round use and a forever stylish look? Check out our Textile Care range to browse the essentials mentioned above and much more.