The layering rules everyone should know this winter

layering clothes

Winter isn’t over! Christmas and New Year may be behind us but there are still some weeks to go before we can all enjoy the warmer air and longer days of spring and summer, so don’t pack away those winter woollies just yet.

Layering is a popular trend that makes a comeback every autumn and winter. If you haven’t quite mastered the art of layering, there’s still time. The following top layering tips will help you keep warm and stay stylish during the cooler seasons, and these fashion rules will serve you well long after winter has come to an end.

DO understand the importance of layering

Layering your clothes does so much more than keep you warm. Whilst taking control of your body temperature – layers can be customised, added to or removed on the go for all-day comfort – is one of the main perks, layering can also help you keep your wardrobe as sustainable, long-lasting and money-saving as it should be as ImageMakeover details:

“Layering allows you to extend your clothing wear by using your summer clothes into fall by layering the pieces. You can reduce your buying if you will learn the art of layering. For example, wearing sleeveless blouses which one usually wear in summer with a jacket or a sweater in winter can help in saving money.”

Adapting to the elements is the key to staying comfortable during the cooler seasons; winter weather is unpredictable at the best of times! By mastering layering, you can enjoy better protection and warmth on the go, and have greater freedom in your clothing choices.

DON’T disregard the three-layer rule

As avid outdoor adventurers will tell you, you need just three layers to stay comfortable and warm whatever the conditions. The three-layer technique is something many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts live by, especially in cold weather or during winter activities.

You generally need a base layer, middle layer and outer layer. The base layer should be made of a natural, breathable, moisture-wicking fibre (like merino wool), whilst the middle layer should sport a light to medium thickness that’s easy to move in. The outer layer is the icing on the cake providing a waterproof or resistant layer to protect against the harshest winter weather.

DO choose your fabrics wisely

Not all clothing was created equal, which makes being aware of your material choice when selecting the layers that’ll keep you cosy during winter particularly important. Instead of opting for cheap, mass-produced, man-made clothing and accessories for layering, keep things simple and natural.

Natural fibres like linen, wool and cotton are all excellent options for layering, with their lightweight, temperature-regulating, breathable nature able to keep your layered look fresh and classic. Natural materials are also made to last.

By choosing layers made from natural fibres, you’ll be saying a big, fat “NO” to fast fashion and be able to enjoy a statement piece that lasts a lifetime.

DON’T forget to accessorise

Along with your choice of clothing, your accessories can make a huge and positive difference to your layering experience. Team layered clothing with comfortable accessories, again crafted using natural materials, to complete your chic and cosy look.

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