Lilly Pastel Blue Colour Shawl

60 x 200cm – 2ft x 6ft 6in

100% Baby Alpaca Wool

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100% Baby Alpaca Wool


W60 x L200 cm – 2ft x 6ft 5in


Pastel Blue Melange





Alpaca Origin certified. Learn more here.

Introducing the Pastel Blue Lilly Shawl – a masterpiece of comfort and luxury. Crafted with care from the softest Peruvian baby alpaca wool, it’s more than an accessory; it’s a comforting embrace on chilly days, a touch of sophistication in your wardrobe.

Wrap yourself in its sumptuous warmth and experience pure, enveloping comfort. The Peruvian baby alpaca wool is celebrated for its unmatched softness, caressing your skin gently.

Measuring 60 x 200 cm, it elegantly drapes over your shoulders, offering both warmth and refinement. Whether worn as a shawl, wrap, or scarf, its versatility guarantees fashionable snugness.

With the Lilly Shawl, enjoy the perfect blend of cosiness and style—a timeless piece that adds a touch of luxury to any outfit, keeping you content and warm on those cold days. It’s more than an accessory; it’s a chic statement of comfort and elegance.

Lilly – A Soft Shawl in Countless Colours

Our Lilly shawl is not only versatile, perfect for use as a wrap, shawl or oversize scarf – it also comes in many gorgeous colours. Along with this pastel blue shawl, we also offer our luxury Lilly shawl in crystal teal, silver greyraspberryorangePersian redolive greencurryevergreendenim bluetawny portcafé au laitlight rose and charcoal – so you are sure to find the perfect colour for your wardrobe.

Made with Pure Peruvian Baby Alpaca Fibre

Expertly woven in the highlands of The Andes from one of the finest and softest yarns of all. Peruvian baby alpaca fibre. This is the fleece sheared from the alpaca’s very first clip. And, as with all our wool, we source responsibly.

A Soft and Cosy Pastel Blue Shawl Perfect for All Year Round

The comfort you receive from this heavenly Pastel Blue colour shawl is addictive. Light in weight, it has a silk-like softness against the skin. With its capacity for thermo-regulation, the Lilly shawl is made for all-year-round use. Ideal as a cosy summer travel accessory, your essential winter shawl, or any moment in between.


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