What’s the difference between alpaca wool and baby alpaca wool?

Aplaca wool tips

The differences between merino wool, lambswool and alpaca wool are well documented. In comparison to other wool types, alpaca wool is the cream of the crop, boasting super soft, ultra-lightweight, dirt-repellent, low maintenance, skin-friendly and durable qualities that can be enjoyed by all, including those with wool allergies.

Alpaca wool is also well known for its minimal pilling, whilst its choice of over 20 subtle, naturally occurring shades makes an alpaca wool blanket or throw the perfect addition to both contemporary and traditional schemes. Unlike lambswool, alpaca wool is an incredible companion all year round, with its hollow fibres making it a great insulator during the cooler months and able to keep you feeling fresh during spring and summer.

So, those are the benefits of alpaca wool, but how does baby alpaca wool compare? In this blog post, we take a closer look at the key differences between alpaca wool and baby alpaca wool.

What is baby alpaca wool?

Baby alpaca wool is alpaca fibre that has been collected from an alpaca’s first shearing. As LoveCrafts explains, however, it’s not the age of the alpaca that matters, it’s where the wool is sheared from:

“Unlike the name suggests, baby alpaca wool is less about the age of the alpaca and more about where the baby alpaca wool comes from. The baby alpaca fiber comes from the underside of the neck. This is where you’ll find the softest, finest fleece with a cashmere-like feel. It is likely that it comes from younger alpacas, but not necessarily babies!”

Adult and baby alpaca wool

How is baby alpaca wool different?

By collecting fibres from an alpaca’s neck and chest area, you’ll not only enjoy the softest and finest fleece. Similar to the first pressing of olive oil, the fibres collected during this first shearing and from these specific areas are considered rarer, more valuable and, quite frankly, the best of the best.

Whilst baby alpaca wool isn’t necessarily sourced from a baby alpaca, it tends to be sheared from alpacas that are no more than two years old as the fibres become coarser as the animal ages.

All alpaca wool is ranked or categorised in accordance to its fineness. Baby alpaca wool is identified as super fine, putting it leagues ahead of other alpaca wool types and one step down from royal alpaca, which is the highest grade of alpaca wool and the most expensive on the market.

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